Susana Rodrguez and Andrea Migulez reaffirm the world crown and Dani Molina reclaims it

Susana Rodrguez and Andrea Migulez reaffirm the world crown and Dani Molina reclaims it

LThe Spanish ‘Paratriarmada’ does not miss its appointment with the world podium. Susana Rodríguez and her guide Sara Loehr remain invincible this season. The Spanish couple reaffirmed the world gold a year ago on the same stage and Fifth world title for the Galician triathlete. also the youngest Andrea MigulezHe hanged himself again at the age of 19 Gold for the second time in a row at the World Championships. And Dani Molina won her fourth world title and take the wand. Some stomach problems last year paid the price and he had to make do with money. Spain returned from Abu Dhabi with five medals. Below three we should add Silver by Lionel Morales and bronze by Marta Francs.

Susana Rodrguez has long been considered The ‘Queen Midas’ of Paralympic triathlon because everything he touches turns into gold. this Paralympic Champion in Tokyo 2020 He continues his idyll on the podium. He hung on the fifth world gold in Abu Dhabi. He took the podium in 9:5 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze in 10 world championships he participated.

Crazy and with four different guides To whom do I owe most of my progress? I have to stop and evaluate because Paralympic triathlon has changed so much. We only follow the 2012 World Cup in all categories, only three of them”, he admits. “I remain motivated because I love my sport and What keeps me doing well is the people around me: my guide Sara, my coach Luis, my training mentors, my psychologist María, who is an important part of this medal, because I and my family wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the work I’ve done with him.”

Crazy with nine medals and four different guides in 10 World Cups, I have to stop and appreciate because Paralympic triathlon has changed a lot

Susana Rodrguez, five-time world triathlon champion

The Spaniards sang the anthem at 01:08:11 in front of Italian Francesca Tarantello (01:08:43) and Englishman Alison Peasgood (01:10:59).

“It was a very tough and challenging race, even though I felt good. Swimming was a bit chaotic,” he admits. He got a little scared after swimming yesterday and hit his head but luckily it didn’t work.

Dani Molina is back on top

Daniel Molina hanged in Men’s PTS3 fourth world gold. The five-time European champion, whose category entered the 2024 Paris Games for the first time, will receive an ADOP scholarship for the first time. Molina won with 01:10:35 ahead of Netherlands’ Nico Van Der Burgt (01:10:53) and Germany’s Max Gelhaar (01:13:10).

Kini Carrasco57 years old and fighting for it Return to the Paralympic Games after 24 yearsfinished ninth.

Hispanic couple on the podium

Andrea Migulez is no longer words but reality. The 19-year-old made her debut in the Paralympic triathlon last year with a world gold, which she repeated this time. Nursing Technician from the Triathlon Paralympic Word Program is called upon to bring great happiness to our country in the future.

He won his second gold at 01:12:52 this year at PTS4 (significant hurdles). martha franc It was bronze (01:15:45) and silver went to American Kelly Elmlinger (01:14:32).

Silver on its way to Paris 2024

In male PTS2, Lionel Morales won the silver medal. Coming from Lanzarote, she arrived on the date, making the world-ranking number one premiere.He and he hasn’t stepped off the podium this year (three golds and two bronzes) as one of the biggest favourites. Like Dani Molina, He dreams of being in 2024 Paris and being able to compete in their first Games.

male on PTVIHctor Fork, who won Paralympic silver at Tokyo 2020, touched the podium and fourth place. Unable to train and compete with his guide Gustavo Rodríguez this season, the Valencian combined triathlon with cycling, a sport in which he participates in road and track and field world championships. He competed with Carlos Oliver as a guide in Abu Dhabi.

at PTWC (wheelchair and hand bike), Eva Moral is back in competition just five months after becoming a mother.. Realizing that she was not 100 percent in the MARCA la Diferencia set yet, but that she would avoid losing points, the woman from Madrid finished the match. sixth (01:16:45). Morale took bronze at Tokyo 2020.

In PTS2 (athletes with severe physical disabilities competing standing), rakel matthew it was sixth Of the six contenders, Vizcana had surgery in July for a lump on her stump and was not one hundred percent. Being in the World Cup was already a reward.

On PTS5, Jairo Ruiz (slightly disabled) was the tenth (01:04:36) In a test dominated by Canadian Stefan Daniel. Inside

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