Liliana Fernández, una de las protagonistas de la campaña 'Las Islas de los Seres Extraordinarios'.

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The Italian swimming team, four gold medal winners Katarina Johnshon-Thompson, double Ironman world champion Patrick Lange and Olympic medalist Marcell Jacobs are some of the 14 heroes of the ‘Islands of Extraordinary Beings’ campaign. will be launched in six European markets

“This 100% digital initiative allows us to very well segment our target audience by sport disciplines to remind them that we have a great climate, exclusive facilities, modern accommodation capacity and scoring competitions on international circuits,” says consultant Yaiza Castilla.

Turismo de Canarias has launched an international campaign to position the archipelago as an ideal place for professional training through a series of elite athletes who have already physically prepared the archipelago and are the protagonists of this initiative. Islands of Extraordinary Beings’.

“This campaign 100% digital, Yaiza Castilla, Minister of Tourism, Industry and Trade of the Government of the Canary Islands, explains in detail that the communication strategy for this segment is aimed at these people. those who decide where to train, both individual athletes and performance managers or team coaches looking for places to travel to continue their physical preparation and carry out pre-season work.

“We will remind you that you can do it all year round thanks to the islands’ good climate, special facilities, modern accommodation capacity and fresh air. scoring competitions on international circuits, mostly supported by Turismo de Canarias”, says Castilla.

The disciplines it focused on in the first phase of the campaign launched in 2019 six European countries These are athletics, swimming, trail running, cycling, triathlon and beach volleyball, with content related to wind sports such as sailing, windsurfing and surfing in the next stages. The selected prescribers have been training on the islands for a long time, so they are well aware of the islands’ virtues as a destination for professional sports training. Among the 14 people to whom the brand will write prescriptions are Olympic medalists Marcell Jacobs and Thomas Ceccon, world track and field champion Katarina Johnson-Thompson, ultra land champion Pau Capell, Olympic beach volleyball player Liliana Fernández, triathlete Saleta Castro. or Ironman Patrick Lange, a two-time world champion.

Professional sports tourism is part of the Ministry’s diversification strategy as it represents a sport. long stay segment According to data managed by the public company Turismo de Islas Canarias, it is a system that reduces the destination’s dependence on air connectivity, assumes a more sustainable consumption of resources and spends more at the destination and is much better distributed among the economic fabric of the islands. .

This visitor travels on average five times a year and stays for an average of 15 days per trip. 88% repeat target and up to 84% do it at least once in the same year, accompanied by their trainers, physical trainers and sports directors.


The strategy of this campaign is a new study It was conducted by Turismo de Canarias with 1,300 athletes and sports coaches from each of the four target markets and sports disciplines included in the segment’s communication strategy.

Considering that they share the same behavior in consuming sports trips and their motivation to decide on the destination, the campaign; three viewers: professional athletes traveling to train, professional athletes traveling to compete, and decision makers such as coaches and sporting directors.

Regarding the dissemination of these messages, relevant channels are used based on the latest research that has emerged. consumption of highly digitized media especially focused on the internet, social networks, television, video-on-demand platforms and online videos. In this sense, the campaign has attachments on platforms such as Eurosports and combines generic pieces with pieces specific to each discipline, in which the Canary Islands are presented as a sports education destination in the broadest sense. In addition, athletes act as ambassadors of the Canary Islands brand by sharing destination-specific content on their social networks.

The main point is hosted at: and promoted as an advertisement on social media, for example before playing YouTube videos.

In addition, the campaign has special capsules for each discipline, in reel format and elite athletes training in the Canary Islands appear to be the recipe for the destination. In each, three to four objective arguments are conveyed to work through the client’s evaluation phase and to support the decision to study in the islands. For example, the possibility of swimming in open Olympic pools above 26º, being able to run routes above 1,500 meters above sea level, or having a Specialized Center for Beach Volleyball Sports Modernization (CETD). They all close with the concept of ‘World’s best climate for outstanding assets’ and their spread is extended with static formats such as ‘stories’ and ‘postlinks’ that try to generate traffic to the web.

In order to increase the support for each discipline, banners and graphics are combined. The notoriety of the Islas Canarias brand. Depending on the purpose, the pieces land on a general “landing” or on specially developed pieces for each discipline.

This action was initiated on: Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Italy and France and REACT-EU funds, with an investment of 800,000 Euros.

“Extraordinary Assets”

Heroes of the ‘Islands of Extraordinary Beings’ campaign Thomas Ceccon, double Olympic medalist and member of the Italian swimming team that has become a worldwide sensation in this discipline. Ceccon currently holds the world record for the 100m backstroke. Completing his performance with two gold at the last Fina World Championship held in Budapest this year, he won four gold and two silver medals at the European Championship held in Rome this year.

Paul Capell He is one of the most recognizable figures in the national and international trail running world, and has been declared a two-time champion of the Ultra Trail World Tour, champion of the Spanish Ultra Cup and champion of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

Canary Islands will work with British to showcase offer on athletics Katarina Johnshon-Thompson In his heptathlon specialization, he won two gold medals at the World Athletics Championships and the World Indoor Championships in Pentathlon, as well as two more gold medals at the European Indoor Championships in the pentathlon discipline.

Another athlete who prescribes Marcel Jacobs, Winner of two gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics and currently considered the fastest runner in the world. Specifically, his last stay was in Tenerife last January and he repeats this every year to improve his performance.

The triathlon also has representative figures, such as the Spaniards. Castro SaletaThree podiums and more than ten Top 5 national champions in the Long Distance in Ironman events, and patrick langeis the double world champion of the Ironman World Championship, the highest international competition in this discipline. This elite athlete trains in Lanzarote and Gran Canaria and became the first athlete to break the eight-hour limit in Hawaii, the Kona Ironman, the toughest race on the planet.

The last method that will also have visibility is beach volleyball with the Olympic player. Liliana FernandezWith deep ties to the Canary Islands, he has resided in Tenerife for 15 years, where he teaches year-round professional couples to the Canary Islands looking for a good climate and facilities that allow them to recreate. Real competitive conditions in coastal locations like Playa de las Vistas.

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