World triathlon final in Abu Dhabi: when and where to watch

World triathlon final in Abu Dhabi: when and where to watch

    this triathlon World Cup will meet new world champions in Abu Dhabi this FridayThey will make their debut at the top of the throne in the case of men and will be repetitive in the case of women. And what is almost certain is that Spain won’t be on the podium for the third time in a row between 2002 and 2019, when it won 22 medals.nine championships all for men and with Iván Raña, Javier Gómez Noya and Mario Mola.

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    And against all odds, Spain reached the Abu Dhabi final of the very long 2022 World Series, which started in Hamburg more than a year ago. then in a sweet moment The double podium of Antonio Serrat Seoane and Roberto Sánchez Mantecón three weeks ago in BermudaFrench double world champion Vincent Luis, who had a slim chance of winning, was victorious. Without further aspirations that Serrat could rise to a position from his current 6th rankAlthough he is far from the podium with 434 points. Galicia became the leader of the division after the first two tests.

    They also compete in Abu Dhabi Sanchez Mantecon (18th in the ranking), David Castro (49.), Sergio Baxter (68th) and three-time champion mario break (134th), who finished just two tests this year and retired in Bermuda. In the women’s category, we will be the only Spanish representative. Miriam Casillas, who will struggle to move up her 10th rank.

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    At its peak, Abu Dhabi is portrayed as a duel between the two. New Zealander Hayden Wilde (25 years old) and Brit Alex Yee (24) will be challenged.118 points apart to get unprecedented gold for themselves and the British Georgia Taylor-Brown (28 years old) and Bermuda Olympic champion Flora (25) are only 70 ahead as they have finished second and fourth respectively of their careers, well past the bronze challenge and gaining a notable advantage for England’s Beth Potter in this challenge.

    A single position could see Duffy taking the lead from Taylor-Brown, who was in form after winning at home in Bermuda. In almost all cases, Yee would need two from Wilde to be declared the winner., in a class where French Leo Bergere and Belgian Jelle Gens still have certain options. The New Zealander, however, has not competed in the World Series in Hamburg since July. Yee, who beat him at the Commonwealth Games in JulyHe looks more fit after winning at Cagliari and finishing 5th in Bermuda.

    Triathlon World Series final schedule and where to watch it

    Spain won three gold and five medals in the final party of the world triathlon, where the Paratriathlon World Championship was also held this Thursday. The Under-23s will be held with Ángel Sánchez Carreras, Marta Pitanel and Iratxe Arenal (Friday, 4:30 for them and 7:15 for them).A mile-and-a-half swim awaits the elite, a nine-lap bike course this time separated from the F1 track, and a four-lap foot run in the decisive 10K finals.

    Tests can be viewed through the RTVE Play app and, repeatedly, on Teledeporte.

    • Women’s final – Friday, 09:50
    • Men’s final – Saturday, 11:50

      How is the World Series Ranking Leading to the Finals?


      1. Hayden Wilde (New Zealand) – 3,850
      2. Alex Yee (England) – 3,732
      3. Leo Bergere (France) – 3,491
      4. Jelle Gens (Belgium) – 3,314
      5. Vincent Louis (France) – 3,097
      6. ANTONIO SERRAT (SPAIN) – 2,925
      7. Lasse Lurhrs (Germany) – 2,769
      8. Pierre Le Corre (France) – 2,769
      9. Vasco Vilaca (Portugal) – 2,670
      10. Matthew Hauser (Australia) – 2,317
        1. Woman

          1. Georgia Taylor-Brown (England) – 3,925
          2. Flora Duffy (Bermuda) – 3,855
          3. Beth Potter (England) – 3,368
          4. Laura Lindemann (Germany) – 3,200
          5. Taylor Knibb (United States) – 3,189
          6. Cassandre Beaugrand (France) – 3,181
          7. Taylor Spivey (United States) – 3,106
          8. Sophie Coldwell (England) – 2,964
          9. Maya Kingma (Netherlands) – 2,571
          10. MIRIAM CASILLAS (SPAIN) – 2,450
            1. How are the World Series final scores?

              1. 1200
              2. 1110
              3. 1027
              4. 950
              5. 879
              6. 813
              7. 752
              8. 695
              9. 643
              10. 595

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