Susana Rodríguez, Andrea Miguélez and Dani Molina lead another great World Cup for 'Paratriarmada'

Susana Rodríguez, Andrea Miguélez and Dani Molina lead another great World Cup for ‘Paratriarmada’

MADRID, 24 November (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Spanish paratriathlon team won five medals at the Triathlon World Championships in Abu Dhabi, where Galician Susana Rodríguez and her guide Sara Loehr, young Andrea Miguélez and Dani Molina took their respective titles.

In the PTVI category for visually impaired athletes, the current Olympic, world and European champions have made it clear that they are the best couple at the moment, retaking last year’s crowns, more than half a minute ahead of Italy’s Francesca Tarantello.

Rodríguez and Loehr were forced to come back after the swim section, where they were almost two minutes behind, but they were already leaders in the cycling section and retained the lead in the running section, so the woman from Vigo won her fourth consecutive title.

“I’m very happy with our race, especially considering how the past few months have been for me. We also had a little accident exploring the course yesterday and I was a little scared because I wasn’t very confident. But I’m extremely happy,” said Susana Rodríguez on the World Triathlon website.

The Spaniard enjoyed “a lot” of a “technical and fast” race. “I had some issues with the heat, but I would like to thank my guide Sara, who pushed me all the way and was not only my guide but also my mental coach,” he stressed.

The other Spanish world champion was junior Andrea Miguélez, a member of the CaixaBank Paralympic Words Team, who, after winning the gold medal in PTS3 (physical disability) last year, did so this time in PTS4, where she beat him by more than a minute. With Marta Francés one-half to American Kelly Elmlinger, she holds a silver, precious bronze medal in 2021.

“It was a tough race. There were a few girls who were faster than me in swimming, but I managed to keep in touch for the 750m and then the bike was fast and hard, but it felt great, I had legs today.” In the race I was able to show all the hard work I put into this title. Now the goal is Paris 2024 and enjoy the road there. I am extremely happy.”

The triple championship was completed by Dani Molina of Madrid in the PTS3 class, where she became champion for the fourth time and improved on last year’s silver medal. The Spaniard had a big fight with Nico van Der Burgt of the Netherlands, where he was leading by 15 seconds in a sensational part of the run. The senior player from Extremadura Kini Carrasco finished ninth.

“It was a very tough race because of the heat. I was ahead until the third lap of the bike, but I knew running was my thing so I tried to keep the distance under control. I’m a European champion, I’m a world champion.” And now I’m just thinking about the road to Paris. My class will be at the Paralympic Games for the first time, so I just want to qualify and then dream of becoming a Paralympic champion,” said Molina.

The final medal for the “Paratriarmada” went to Lionel Morales in the PTS2 class for athletes with greater hurdles competing on foot, where he repeated his 2021 world runner-up place. The currently number one canary was 23 seconds behind champion, French Jules Ribstein. Rakel Mateo finished a brilliant fifth in the women’s race.

In addition, in the PTVI men’s event, Paralympic silver Héctor Catalá was behind by ten seconds in the podium challenge accompanied by Carlos Oliver, while Eva Moral, who won bronze in Tokyo and returned to the competition after winning the championship, is a mother, sixth in the wheelchair athletes competition, and in PTS5. Jairo Ruiz finished tenth.

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