Foundation ALTTRA supported by Rosario Nadal, Bartomeu Marí and Blanca Cortés to promote contemporary art in the Balearic Islands

Foundation ALTTRA supported by Rosario Nadal, Bartomeu Marí and Blanca Cortés to promote contemporary art in the Balearic Islands

“We are islanders and proud of them, it’s time to go home”, the voice of the Mallorcan art consultant is so frank, rosario nadalWhen he talked to us from Mallorca about his new professional scene Project ALTTRAa non-profit organization that seeks to explore other ways of engaging with the arts, while also creating dialogues between Balearic Islands, artists and the public for informative, educational and social purposes through different formats.

Everything, his friend, Ibizan curator and former director of the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), Bartomeu Mari. At the time, Bartomeu was running the museum of contemporary art in Lima, Peru, but with the advent of the pandemic the project became impractical and he decided to settle in a family home in Hondarribia, where he reconnected with Rosario. We thought it would be interesting to bring artists international and national to interact with spaces that have nothing to do with art and to bring a new vision to the social fabric. When we saw each other, we said ‘we are missing something’ and we remembered Blanca, the adopted daughter of the islands. It was the third leg that was missing to find balance,” says Rosario.

Commissioner Bartomeu Marí, attorney Blanca Cortés, and Rosario Nadal, consultant to the team that manages ALTTRA.

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ALTTRA foundation’s first exhibition ‘Not Today’

white courts He lives in Madrid, is a lawyer specializing in intellectual property and one of his fields is art. modern. It was an instant yes. He was attracted by the fact that it was a project designed for the Balearic Islands and the entire process from production to execution was focused on production. Islands. Blanca’s inclusion strengthened one of the main ideas of the project: exploring different formats that they also put the emphasis on the buyer. “We work with artists, but we basically work with those who have this experience. It’s a Copernican return because the system focuses on the work of art,” explains Bartomeu. we live in the city, we work remotely most of the time, and we balance each other out. our first exhibition confirms that the intent was correct”, explains Rosario.

It was. End November 9 ALTTRA, the first season of projects explanation not todayby Mexican artist Teresa Margolles at the College of Architects (COAIB), in Palma de Mallorca. With backbone mares, for example, the photographer pondered the invisible boundaries separating the marginal neighborhoods of the Mallorcan capital. “The creative and productive capacity of the Balearic Islands is not the first thing you see and we are interested in seeing the richness and diversity widely perceived. We want to join in that too,” explains Bartomeu. “The world of philanthropy is underexplored, difficult and competitive, but it’s an attractive factor if you have a clear vision because efficiency and transparency are assumed.” And this is just the beginning.

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