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[Noticias] This 25N: Festival Women’s Art and Memory

this Regional Art Institute – Idartesthrough Calligraphy and Memory Without Bordersto the activities of the next 25N Festival Women’s Art and Memorya space to appreciate the participation of various women from collectives and initiatives in music, dance and theater Circuit Women 2022.

From 10 am to 6 pm on Friday, November 25, the public will be able to approach. Art CastleCalle 23 No. in the Santa Fe district. It is located at the address 14-19. International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women with an artistic and cultural program that symbolizes the struggle of women in all its diversity.

Festival Women’s Art and Memory Launched a call for small-format artistic initiatives led by women, featuring 48 initiatives. In addition to a large-format offer as regional guests, three offers in category 1 from the Los Mártires and Santa Fe regions and three offers in category 2 from other regions were selected. It will be an opportunity for all of us to unite through art for a life free from violence and dignity.” Diana Salavarrietaleader Calligraphy and Memory Without Borders of the go away.

Participate from among the selected offers. louise moonfrom the town of Los Martires with rap, Andean music and Latin American rhythms; Alejandra Restrepofrom the town of Santa Fe with a voice influenced by Latin American singers; Nicoll Sandino RestrepoIt is better known as ‘Sandinista’ with many raps from the town of Los Mártires and Italian DS (Kelly Johanna Bohorquez Monroy), Rafael Uribe Uribe town, singer-songwriter of the urban genre.

A tap dance company will also be introduced. zala and game Why don’t chickens fly? of the group to treat youis a tale inhabited by two chickens (Black Star and Austra Whites), a chick who is no longer there (Cría de hen), and a bull (Bos primigenius primigenius). These barnyard birds look for a way to spread their wings and fly to avoid the imposition of the bulls, who roar and harm every hen and chick that ignores them. They will do the impossible to avoid sticking their heads in an ice bucket or spinning on a Ferris wheel.

The exhibition will be on the agenda of the day Children with memory and free from violence collective Lxs Nadie’s workshop New Masculinities Casa Libelulosa’s Hands of Mestizo Mothers’ Women exhibition, photography exhibition passing through the city Pole dance from the Tupanas Amazónicas collective, the Exotic School of the theater group Ebra Women with Red Fire for Peace The Association for Building Equality Networks for Afro and Displaced Women – ASOMARERE, a podium of the Olimpo, Balú, Faldas de Colombia, Monstrosidades Guerrilla collective collectives, among other events.

Art Castle It is a space born on December 16, 2020 that provides free programming and free entry every month. Regional Art Institute – Idartes, Regional Institute for the Protection of Children and Youth – IDIPRON, Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation – FUGA and Security, Coexistence and Justice Regional Secretariat. It has activities carried out jointly with different public and private organizations such as UN High Commissioner for Refugees – UNHCR, Swedish Embassy, ​​Regional Women’s Secretariat, Regional Health Secretariat, in permanent agreements with art collectives. Communities, social and population sectors of the Santa Fe neighborhood.

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