The original hosiery brand that brings together fashion and art interviews the founders of Isokisi

The original hosiery brand that brings together fashion and art interviews the founders of Isokisi

Socks are usually a simple, under-repaired little piece of clothing. However, this accessory can become extremely eye-catching and add a unique style to the setting. it seems of a person when you have the right design. This premise is what motivates their work. isokia brand that takes advantage of the great possibilities of art and design to entertain original socks with unique designs in the market. In this interview, their managers share some of the perspectives, ideas and experiences that inspired them to bring this interesting sock brand to life.

What is isoki?

“Isokisi is a meeting point for young artists (not so young) graffiti artists, illustrators and artists, we interpret their work and turn it into something as beautiful as socks. values ​​it, and that amuses us.”

How was the idea born?

“Well, it was born out of one of the saddest times in our society, the need to reinvent ourselves, in complete isolation, we saw our already approved projects being canceled and reduced in a very short period of time. It’s an exercise of imagination as you haven’t closed yourself off to any possibility or industry, even if it’s new to us.

What is the distinctive value of your brand?

“Based on the fact that we have produced a local, quality product that respects the environment. We also act out of our interest in social problems, the discrimination and injustice that surround us every day, we will not stop counting their names. Even if we can add something to improve them, like the last initiatives we have launched, La We will show solidarity with those affected by the volcano on the island of Palma. to raise one of our artists at La Marató de TV3 this year. These are projects that should motivate us all.”

How is the process carried out with the artists?

“The idea excited the artists from the very first moment, which made their collaboration much easier for us. Together we examine their work and bet on the outcome that seems most appealing to us. soft drink in hand, video conference if the artist is in another hemisphere… And we make prototypes.”

Will there be new artists or new products soon?

“Of course, we are in constant communication with new artists who somehow reach us at Isokisi. These days we are finalizing new collections that will go on sale in November, we look forward to it.”

What makes your socks so special?

“We have to understand each piece of work we use for this, know where they came from and in what medium they were made, so designs are always accompanied by descriptions and the artist’s biography, so we always keep them in context when we see them being more than just a sock.”

These are the criteria that reflect the inspiration behind Isokisi, an interesting initiative that combines design, visual arts and the textile industry. As this interview reflects, art is a very broad practice, full of original ideas looking for a place to be captured and displayed to the public. Textiles, on the other hand, act as an important canvas for artists, allowing them to spread their work and also add a unique and striking touch to clothing, even in small and simple items such as socks that have become synonymous. Style and originality thanks to the work of Isokisi.

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