Yuri Zatarain Is it possible to heal through art?

Yuri Zatarain Is it possible to heal through art?

Yuri Zatarain is a successful plastic artist who has accomplished what few have accomplished: exhibiting his work in major museums in New York, Paris, London, Milan and Dubai, among other cities.

For him, the success of his art lies in making people feel, based on what he feels, dreams and experiences. At first, he said he couldn’t figure out how to capture what he wanted to share.

Then a new direction emerged in him and he managed to follow his instinct: to love each of his productions and to capture that emotion in them, to make the audience feel the same while watching them.

This is what Yuri believes brings her success: realizing that it’s all about the love you give for the things you do. “Love turns into faith, faith turns into strength, and power is the wisdom that makes me realize that what I do is what I love, and finally, this closing of the circle of life knowing that everything I do is something with love, and that’s the part that gives me the passion to wake up every day to transform.”

“I am a businessman, someone who gets up in the morning and organizes everything. My meetings start at eight in the morning, but after that I become the painter I am. As a business person I am very organized with my team and everything that needs to be done but then I go out and relax to focus. I live life in two aspects: the part that can be created in the business part, and the other part tries to win by telling him the life he dreams of,” said Yuri.

His personality as an entrepreneur is fully focused on promoting his work, i.e. marketing his artistic work, as it is not just about capturing his emotions and experiences in a material. It’s all about finding the best and most affordable price for each and managing your resources, without neglecting to keep researching what the trends are.

It’s about being able to create the duality of his work in a single person, making the best decisions with his team that push him to travel the world today.

For Yuri, one of her dreams has been that people can feel the emotion she adds to her works, be inspired by her art and herself, and be happy and enjoy what they have. to share with other people.

He managed to understand that transforming himself today, but connecting with other people who contribute to our life project, is an example for more people around him to transform their project in a positive way.

Thanks to his knowledge and the drive he gives to others, he has established strong friendship ties with the Guadalajara business community today so that people can realize their dreams as he did.

He is also structured as a consultant to the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, is the national vice president of Plastic Artists of the Mexican Society of Interior Architects, is part of the Mexican Association of Overseas Entrepreneurs, and is among many other actions achieved throughout his career. In addition, his art has traveled to different cities in different countries.


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