WHO sees World Cup in Qatar as an opportunity to "improve health worldwide"

WHO sees World Cup in Qatar as an opportunity to “improve health worldwide”

MADRID, (EUROPEAN PRESS). Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), stressed that the Football World Cup, which will start this Sunday in Qatar, is an opportunity to “improve health all over the world”.

Tedros, who will travel to Qatar this Thursday to attend the opening of the World Cup, stressed that it is “one of the biggest shows in the world with an estimated 5 billion spectators” and could “support progress”. Toward WHO’s goal of ‘Health for All'”.

“To ensure a healthy World Cup, we are collaborating with Qatar and FIFA on a range of activities aimed at improving the physical and mental health of residents in Qatar and around the world,” said the leader of the United Nations international health organization.

In this context, he conducted a study on ways to influence consumers, reminding that measures are designed to “reduce the risk of disease spread at the World Cup” and that “healthy food options in stadiums and support areas” are also encouraged. healthier eating options. WHO has also encouraged the prohibition of smoking in seating areas inside stadiums.

In addition, WHO has collaborated with FIFA to promote physical activity, healthy eating and other aspects of wellness among World Cup audiences through “billboards next to the pitch, videos in stadiums and supporters’ areas, comprehensive messages”. on television and social networks, etc.

Apart from these actions, Tedros did not mention the violations of fundamental rights and the complaints that many workers lost their lives during the stadium constructions.

After confirming violations and worker abuses during the construction of stadiums that will host matches of the 32 teams that will play in the tournament, some rights organizations have called the football event a “World Cup of Shame”.

Death figures are among the most conservative, citing about thirty deaths suggested by the executive committee responsible for organizing the World Cup; According to the International Labor Organization (ILO) 2021 report, fifty; or 6,500 deaths reported by some media such as the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’.


Tedros, on the other hand, sent a message to the G20 after finishing his meeting in Bali (Indonesia): “As COVID-19 shows, everything is at risk when health is at risk”.

The WHO director-general warned that the world’s conflicts, climate change and global food and energy security crises “have profound effects on health”.

“Lack of or overconsumption of food and energy can have serious consequences for health and the economy. Protecting health from the effects of these crises is essential, but it also helps protect economies and societies.”

In any case, Tedros congratulated the G20 leaders for their “strong support for health and health security”.

Likewise, they reaffirmed WHO’s leadership and coordinating role and their commitment to strengthen global health governance; and expressed their support for the work of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body, which is negotiating the International Pandemic Agreement.

G20 leaders also showed their support for the work of the WHO mRNA Technology Transfer Center in South Africa and the creation of the new Pandemic Fund, launched in Bali on Sunday.

Yesterday WHO also signed an agreement with the Indonesian ministries of Health and Defense to establish a new emergency medical team training center to increase national, regional and global preparedness for health emergencies.

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