First female duo to head a World Cup broadcast

First female duo to head a World Cup broadcast

describing a match World Cup Qatar 2022 Men’s soccer on Argentine television first became reality for the two women this Thursday on the air of the duel between Switzerland and Cameroon.

Angela Lerena has struggled for many years in journalism covering sports. He describes it in his Twitter bio: Sports reporter since 1995. My love for the game guides me. But her dream, like many tattoos that adorn her body, confirms it in a pinned tweet: “The girl who fell in love with football, fell asleep looking at @argentina posters, went to comment on an Earth. Cup” on Nov. 13, where she released a statement of principles. made its mark.

The situation is not much different for Lola del Carril. Although younger than Lerena but only 23 years old, she has been in the sports media for a long time, recounting the first women’s Superclásico on the River field and some of the Qualification matches such as Peru vs Paraguay. The Twitter account this Wednesday wrote on Twitter: “Tomorrow I will be proud to be the first reporter to appear at a World Cup in Argentine television history.”

Both are advocates and outcomes of the feminist revolution that has shaken the world for years in its belated quest for equality. In Argentina, this World Cup also saw the first radio female story of a World Cup match. Performed by Natalia Maderna on Radio Nacional.

They spoke with ESPN from Qatar.

-How did you feel on this historic day for yourself and for the many girls you represent?

– “I felt super relaxed, offered to enjoy it as well as try to do the best job possible, so I was very prepared. This story is the icing on the cake of a very special year with the added bonus of having Ángela, whom I love and respect so much.” Lola stated.

– It was for Lerena “It’s the usual pleasure of talking about football, being able to provide statistical, regulatory, or data about the environment in which it’s happening. Say, it’s the first World Cup I’ve commented on, and it makes me think a lot about that weird-looking girl who overcame so many challenges for female footballers. Girls who dream of being commentators and see us today, I love contributing to that grain of sand”.

-How much did it cost for each of them to come to this day?

“It took time for me to get to where I am now. It’s a very rapid change now, but in terms of my 27 years of professional life, everything took time. First they had me make football notes, then they let me play the field. playing the game, then jumping into a cabinet, everything took a long time but in the meantime I was fed, I was trained and my love for this sport and this job was food. What I have sown for so long today will give me this fruit that I never dreamed of.says Angela from Doha.

“My path was much easier. But what I’ve always said is that they eliminated the possibility of dreaming about journalism. You turned on the TV and they were all guys you would imagine could get in there. Then I met the Argentinean.” Reporters who put me in front of an opportunity looking for me and discovered that I could tell about football. I have always loved football, but I was far from dreaming. Let me thank all the women who made their voices and bodies this way. that I can live it today”, and in that gratitude, Lola’s words and emotions crowd.

How do you see the future of women in football broadcasts?

“I think the areas won and conquered are already there. Across feminism, football and all these events that happen to women. I want it to be more natural, not to have a place at the table or at the table. It’s a publication where we share the decision places and break down the famous ceiling they imposed on us. Women and football have been relatives for a while, but hopefully they will become better friends.” Lola says

“We women were either away from football or we were invisible. It was the man who would understand whether it was an offside, a penalty or a game. We hope that the place of the companion is left to the woman, without her. The passerby of the TV is disturbed. This cultural image is changing and creating resistance, but it cannot be stopped. What If more women join, our quality will grow and it will be better for everyone. Pure profit incoming, take You are traveling for a football game.

They delivered this Thursday broadcast with the pride and dedication they claimed, and with very good results, as evidenced by posts from former World Cup players and fellow journalists.

There was also a preview on the networks. Lerena posted videos of her previous preparations with Del Carril on her Instagram. partner: “We carry the energy of world champion Chicho Serna”.

Del Carril added another video on the same social network where they asked for a goal to report. They took the opportunity because the team led by Xherdan Shaqiri defeated Cameroon team 1-0 in the Al Janoub stadium as part of the Qatar 2022 World Cup Group G debut.

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