2022 World Cup Qatar: The inside story of the color red worn by the national team: From FIFA's proposal to Luis Enrique's signature

2022 World Cup Qatar: The inside story of the color red worn by the national team: From FIFA’s proposal to Luis Enrique’s signature


Coach believes the new jersey can help achieve something great. Germany or France refused to change

Luis Enrique chats with Morata after the Costa Rica game.Julio CortezPA

In these times when marketing swallows emotion and tradition, sports brands are revolutionizing jerseys. Both club and national team jerseys. For example, Atltico fans suffered a lot. And in this World Cup, the second teams of Mexico or Argentina and also Spain have their own teams. What hasn’t happened so far (or at least no record in the newspaper library) is a coach or national coach, in this case Luis Enrique, advocating the chromatic metamorphosis of a team. At least, that was how the University of Qatar, where Spain was resting on his day off today, was understood from the doors to the outside, before fully thinking about Germany.

The red suit worn by the Spanish team from head to toe also has nuances like everything else in life. Let’s see.

It was night for a long time at the Al Thumama stadium. In the strong light of the spotlight, before the duel against Costa Rica, Luis Enrique He is considering the outcome of what appears to be his own initiative. Even a satisfied personal whim. I asked the sporting director (Molina) because we are La Roja. I asked if it could be moderated, and we’re going to play full red, he explained during one of his nightly feeds on Twitch last Tuesday. This was the (more or less) official version. But there is a lot behind this red bet.

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It all starts with a proposal from FIFA, which is the same for all participants in the championship. They propose color uniformity to Spain to improve the effect on television. The message is delivered at a meeting before the World Cup begins, and Jose Francisco Molina, the sports director of the RFEF, who transferred him to the coach. In any case, this is a simple suggestion. To cite a few examples, France, Germany or Japan, all wearing the same brand, rejected the offer and decided to jump on the grass with their classic combination.

But red doesn’t just excite the coach. Luis RubialesThe president of the federation is always in favor of playing with that color. Thus, the metamorphosis ends as the result of a slow and directed process that Luis Enrique used as his banner. Perhaps because of superstition, he believes that wearing this shade could be a guarantee of winning the championship.

The memory of Wembley… and Tassotti

It doesn’t matter if the sports firm that dressed them chose the red shirt and navy blue pants (and/or socks) in their promotional campaign. And that point of superstition has not been an obstacle. It was the last time Spain dressed like this at the 2014 World Cup, before their historic win over Costa Rica on Wednesday, against Chile in Maracan, and it all ended in tragedy. The then world champion was eliminated as some teams continued to digest their first game in the competition.

“You end up coming out of competitions with more white than red,” Luis Enrique said from his chair on Tuesday. player. Coach still blew that damn penalty shootout at Wembley in the Euro’20 semi-final against Italy. Even the memory of your bloody shirt after poking tassotti“Hopefully red gives us the rage and the race to play three games in the group stage, then four more,” he added, as if appropriating an idea that didn’t even start in his head.

In the labyrinthine corridors of the Doha subway PedroWithout a doubt, Luis Enrique is one of the stars of this World Cup. After every Twitch session, which is watched with suspicion, a discussion erupts in the large press room in Doha. Sometimes, like in that geographic error in Costa Rica by a gazapo. If playing with red brings luck, history will definitely give it this value.

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