I earned 1.3 million euros selling templates on Canva

I earned 1.3 million euros selling templates on Canva

This article is based on a conversation with Katya Varbanova, owner of Viral Marketing Stars, about her Canva template business. Edited for length and clarity. Also, Varbanova’s income was confirmed by Business Insider.

After graduating from Liverpool Law School in 2013, I was offered a position at Santander Bank in England on a 2-year contract. in 2015 Stuck on Periscope broadcastsapp twitter for making live videos.

so it was fun I was encouraged to start on my own streaming. I started streaming my life and my viewership has grown to 1,300 regular viewers in just 3 weeks.

At the beginning of August 2015, I created a Facebook group with other people posting on the platform. the goal was for us Let’s help each other to increase the number of followers.

Someone suggested I charge for it access to all the advice we offer, so I started the service on the platform to provide all the information.

The subscription started at the standard price of EUR 14.50 per month for the first 20 people, EUR 24.20 per month for the next 20, and then EUR 33.90 per month.

Members had access to tutorials, calls for collaboration, daily events where people collaborated to grow their audiences, as well as access to a dedicated Facebook group.

No one wanted to finance their idea and since 2012 it has built 6 brands and a multi-order app, with a turnover of more than 20 million Euros.

Sara Serantes, founder of Sushifresh and Freshperts

I’m tired of working at the bank from 9 to 5 in the afternoon.

in September 2015 I registered my social media content work as a business. It had up to 60 paying members, but managing full-time work was difficult.

In October of the same year, the benefits users reported to me were equal to my annual salary of more than 25,000 euros ($26,000) At the offices of Banco Santander, I submitted my resignation.

I wanted to devote myself completely to my work. I focused advice and counseling for other platforms social networks.

While in college, he had sales and marketing experience in Santander, working as a campaign manager at an agency.

For the next 4 years, until 2019, I’ve come to have an audience of 100,000+ entrepreneurs on my social networks and in my email.

I gave up my €90,000 salary as a product manager for 19 years at Canva: I felt trapped and the money wasn’t worth it

I researched ways to help these entrepreneurs with their businesses. marketing strategies and social medias. I did coaching, consulting, workshops, wrote books, recorded videos and digital information products.

To exercise coaching and offering free resources was exhausting for me

I wanted to grow my business with the possibility of growing it. work less

At the end of 2019, I decided to put the free guides aside. coaching focus, pay attention Create self-learning digital information.

I started by selling a guide on how to make engaging live videos and a PDF guide on publishing strategies, but I wasn’t completely satisfied.

i noticed The type of product that works on Instagram was changing. Posts with educational graphics and photo galleries were going viral.

Many of my clients have had a hard time adjusting. They had no design skills or marketing experience. know how to create content.

I gave up my €90,000 salary as a product manager for 19 years at Canva: I felt trapped and the money wasn’t worth it

Hannah Han

Back to Canva, the online graphic design tool

I started using Canva To compose my posts in 2017.

I loved making the designs and working hard to get them to fit. very visual and attractive for my job

I saw the opportunity to design and Sell ​​Canva templates to reproduce it viral instagram aesthetic and that my customers can customize them.

If I were to go back to work and i spend my time designing templatesI wanted to see if there was demand for them. I’ve decided to sell some of my Canva templates to make sure they’re a viable product.

Before starting this project, I asked my followers if they would receive a survey. 100 template packs to help you create your viral content.

100 people a day said they would pay for my templates

I approved the pre-sale with my team, including my fiancé, Jamie, who is an advertising executive at his company. Facebook and finance manager.

We have created a basic checkout page. people can pre-order the template pack.

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We received 100 pre-orders in one day and sold 255 packs of Canva templates in no time. For 7,400 euros ($7,647).

The following week we sold the 770 for 22,600 Euros. We sold over 1,300 in the third week, all commissioned by the followers I have on my social networks.

We invested 1,000 Euros of the profit and bought several. ads on facebookthanks to this later we achieved sales of approximately 6,000 Euros. Demand was more than we imagined. This is how the top 100 viral content templates were born.

When we started designing the templates, we asked pre-sales customers what they wanted.

We researched templates currently on the market and which content worked best on our accounts and on other people’s accounts.

I created the first template pack with Jamie. We are both devoted to graphic design. We spent a few weeks making templates in Canva before making them available to our first customers in December 2019.

Some of our pre-sale buyers liked the templates and asked them to offer it themselves. They shared our designs with their friends and followers.and we give them a small commission for every sale made through their link.

We have also invested heavily in advertisements.

Between December 2019 and April 2020, we made more than 100,000 euros in profit and spent 35,000 euros on advertisements. After paying commissions to collaborators, We made a net profit of over 50,000 Euros in the first 5 months.

We’ve had success stories from clients like Jessi Romero, who used our templates to hit 40,000 followers in one year, or Annie Kaszina, who got over 100,000 followers in 18 months.

People wanted more templates from us, so We created the Viral Content Club membership at a rate of 483.33 euros per year or 55 euros per month.

The idea is that with the tools and templates we provide, users can create 30 days of social media content in one to two hours per monthhave a constant presence on the platforms.

We reached 1,500 members in the first 13 months. Since we started the club project we have made a profit of 667,324 euros and since we started designing the templates, We produced a total of 1,300 million Euros.

Meta highlights the potential of the content creator industry, but the reality is very different from what Zuckerberg said.

Over the next 2 years, my working hours have decreased considerably. In 2022, I work about 10 hours a week due to health problems.

I spend most of my time creating marketing material.

I worked for an hour the other day and yet we made 23 sales for 2,367 Euros, All this thanks to social networks.

We have over 13,000 customers and 1,000+ subscribers who share our templates.

I am the sole owner of the business. I have a small team: my fiancee in charge of operations, a freelance designer responsible for template creativity and branding, a finance manager, and a few one-offs for specific moments.

None of them work full time.

Templates are an essential part of the business, but no longer we offer more: courses, training workshops and consulting.

Always glad i found canva because it is a resource that helped me start a 72.000 Euro business.

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