Carlos Soler: "I dedicate the goals to Gayà"

Carlos Soler: “I dedicate the goals to Gayà”

TASTE. Smiling. Carlos Soler, with his classic squinting smile, greets us at Qatar University, where the Spanish team has sanctuary and improved its concentration this World Cup. The Valencian player is getting ready to relive the amazing night at the Al Thumama Stadium with the air of making history and starting out with the best. The group radiates harmony and trust. In a World Cup that has already broken some pools, Argentina’s defeats against Arabia and Germany’s against Japan did not spark speculation against Costa Rica. Soler made his debut in the World Cup, replacing Pedri in the 57th minute. Half an hour of the match was enough for his team, which scored the biggest win in Spain’s history with a 7-0 win, to join the goal circle. World Cup history. This is how he tells us how he experienced the great gift with the national team.

Question: How is the team after the historic win against Costa Rica?

Reaction: Yesterday’s game perfectly reflects what this team has been doing for a while, already several years. We have an amazing group of kids and veterans -I’m in the middle- I’m not a kid, I’m not a veteran… (laughs)

Q: Spain is a team that anyone can play in the top five with Luis Enrique. This contributes to competitiveness and friendship, everyone has opportunities. How do you see Carlos?

A: I totally agree with you. Any player who has to jump onto the field here knows what to do and how to do it. There is no difference between outgoing and incoming. You know you can play in the beginning, you know you can come as a backup. They have this team, great players on the field as well as great people out there.

Q: There is a lot of enthusiasm and a very good atmosphere in the national team and it was shown last night, how do you live from the inside?

A: Now everything is positive, everything is praise and everyone goes there, but we also showed that when things were not going well. For example, we would be eliminated if we didn’t win in Portugal. There the team was united in the same way, the same thing happened against Switzerland, where the team was just as united. Today we have 9 different players. It is a choice where this unity is what we must protect, in both good and bad times.

Q: Do the losses in Argentina and Germany contribute to distrust of each other and to facing each opponent with a certain respect?

A: I believe you should always respect your opponent because if he went to the World Cup there is a reason. In this case, because we won, but Costa Rica I think went to the quarter-finals in two World Cups and lost to the Netherlands on penalties and then managed to get out of there. group stage Being first Results are tight, but against good opponents. If he’s at a World Cup, you have to respect him, and in that sense, we did too. Try to impose our game, have the ball. When you need to pause, you pause. When you need to speed up, speed up. We succeeded in the first part and did not relax in the second part.

Q: In the next match, Spain comes with extra motivation and Germany comes with extra pressure. Do you think these feelings have an effect?

Photo: Pablo Garcia / RFEF.

A: Germany may regret knowing it has to win as a draw or loss will knock them out, but we will go our own way. He already said that yesterday Luis Enrique and we try to repeat it no matter the outcome. Whether we go 0-0, 3-0 or lose, we always try to act in the same way and we believe in this idea. We will do this against Germany, Japan and hopefully all opponents until the final.

Q: How does it feel to score a goal in the World Cup?

A: Very happy. I don’t think you understand. If you had told me five or ten years ago that I was going to score in a World Cup, I would have said “you are crazy”. It’s best to reach the highest competition and score goals, and I’ve noticed this with a show of affection from family and friends. All the people who wrote to me. But hey, I’m a football player so I always want more. Hopefully more goals and victories will come.

Q: What does it mean to represent the talent of Valencian football alongside Hugo Guillamón, Ferran Torres and Pau Torres?

A: I am very happy to represent the Valencian Community. Qatar World Cup. I think there are very good players, we represent Valencia players well. Being a Valencian is a source of pride. It is also an honor to represent Valencia CF youth academy and District clubs. We have always been at the top level and very good work has been done in the clubs. We now have the privilege of representing our country and our country in a World Cup.

Q: How was Gayà’s farewell and how did you experience his departure?

Photo: Pablo Garcia / RFEF.

A: It is an unexpected and often inevitable situation. It was an act where he sprained his ankle, and I understand that these are things that happen in football and in life. I’m sure Jose Gaya Great things will happen for him because he is a great player and one of the best left-backs in the world. Also, he’s a great friend. I’m so sorry for him. Yesterday I was able to dedicate a goal to a great friend José.

Q: After 40 years, a Valencian has once again scored in the World Cup. Enrique Saura scored at the 82nd World Cup in Spain and yesterday, first Ferran and then you, scored 4 years later…

A: I just learned this truth last night, Uncle Javi told me about it and the truth is he’s proud. Many years have passed. I hope it doesn’t take too long for a Valencian to score in the next World Cup and I hope there are more and more Valencians on the team.

Q: A few months ago, you had to make one of the hardest decisions of your life: to leave Valencia to pursue your career in Paris. What went through your mind at that moment?

A: Well… a lot is going through my head. I had to value many things. He had it all in Valencia, he was the captain, he was an important player… in the end we have to make decisions in life and I think a new phase had to begin. In the end, both the club and I decided that it was the best for everyone. I admit, at one point I had my doubts that it would be difficult to get anywhere. psg where demand is maximum. I always try to do my best in training, if I have to play for 15 minutes I try to do my best and try to gain the trust of the coaches as I always do in Valencia, PSG and Valencia. National team

Photo: Pablo Garcia / RFEF.

Q: How do you see Valencia from afar?

A: I follow Valencia a lot because I love Valencia and Valencia CF. And I always will. I understand that there are people who do not agree with my departure or that you have said something on social networks. I’ve been back home twice since I left and received greetings and expressions of love. Nobody insulted me or said anything to my family because I understand that there are people who understand the situation. I think the best memory I can leave people is to defend the shield all these years, 6 years in the first team and just as much in the youth ranks. I gave my all for that shirt and never erased myself. I’ve always been loyal to Valencia. The decision to leave was a joint decision with the club. They are stages of life. Valencia will always be great. Many players have passed but thanks to the club and above all the fans it has, it will always be on the top. The club gave me everything and always showed me its love in Mestalla. I will always be grateful to Valencia. I watch every match from afar and hope to see one in person.

Q: Finally, as Messi’s clubmate, how do you think Leo will be after his debut in Argentina?

A: I’m not one to give advice to Leo. I think he’s a legend and I’m sure he will do whatever he can for his country. Messi He is a football legend. I love Argentina and wish him the best and a great tournament in this World Cup. Frankly, if he has to face us, I no longer wish him the best in his game (laughs).

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