"Look across" Amparo Carbonell's woman launches new space for CLC Arte

“Look across” Amparo Carbonell’s woman launches new space for CLC Arte

Gallery owner and consultant Carla Alabau’s new space was born with the aim of bringing art closer to the street.

The interior of the new CLC Arte space in Valencia.

Valencian sculptor Amparo Carbonell opening with him of women, bodies and places At the opening of the new CLC Arte area on En Sala street. According to the artist, the exhibition, which opened its doors today at 19:00 on Thursday, reflects the female body as “a closed sign that brings together and intensifies meanings”.

According to the gallery owner and art consultant carla alabauThis new space “shows and radiates all the elements of the art world and its connection to design and craft in a fun and surprising way”. The aim, he added, is “to bring art closer to the street and to play with the interaction of art with design and interior design by working with artists, designers, architects, craftsmen and creatives in a living and changing space.”

A nod to museums considered white cubes, the gallery experience starts from the street with a showcase project that starts with two empty cubes that will be transformed and replaced every 3 to 4 months. The content of the cubes will be a combination of art, design and craft.

The Valencian art consultant describes the space as “work and study”. showroom“well”It is the first room where the works of different artists can be exhibited in the context of design.. Pilot areas with works of art”.

In Cube 1, CLC Arte will participate, along with interior design studio Kaleidoscope, furniture design by Annud and Mega Mobiliario and lighting by Kalamit. Amparo Carbonell from the show short stories. Will be mixed with CLC Art in Cube 2 Manuel Gonzalez Architecturework Between our senses and thingsFurniture by Valoffice by Carbonell, pieces by Vitra and rugs by ALLCA.

When you enter the gallery, the room opens to exhibitions. Alabau also plans to organize events related to the world of creativity and design, such as workshops and product presentations in this area. The space has a workshop where artists can explain the creative process of their work. and the techniques used.

Sculptor Amparo Carbonell in his studio.

of women, bodies and places

The first exhibition of CLC Arte, of women, bodies and placesIt brings together the work of Amparo Carbonell, Professor of Sculpture at Valencia Polytechnic University and academic at the San Carlos Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia, and exhibits “conceptual and formal reflections on the vital processes associated with women, the processes in which life is involved”. and business comes together,” she said.

“A critical look at the oppression and inequality suffered by women preserves three sources: the symbolic expression of their sexuality (fertility), the manifestation of female anatomy (venus), the magical-religious symbolic attitudes (goddess)”.

The sample was developed as a “transverse view” that transforms into “the corresponding curves, waves of expansion, from which the work begins from the inner experience with respect to the surrounding space”.

In the gallery space, works from the 80s to the present can be found together. «Throughout this process of re-creating the body, two forms have persistently dominated all representations and configurations: the belly and the silhouette.body and earth, navel as center and its profile as horizon, embodied in the image of the horizon as a possibility of eternity and the sense of infinity materialized in fertility as the guarantee of the infinite in life. Not finite in landscape,” Carbonell pointed out.

Installation in the last piece made in 2022 In the center of all distancesConstructed with mud and light, the artist brings a dune of ceramic cores such as “islands of water, fragments of the sea, horizons that limit the world, the border of the idea of ​​a planet. The navel is in the body, the moon is in the sky, the center of the universe. The fact of belonging to a place and a culture. Awareness of boundaries and otherness. At the center of all distances is this land, love it then…” added the artist.

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