'Todos MACA', an artistic gathering for the Day of Persons with Disabilities

‘Todos MACA’, an artistic gathering for the Day of Persons with Disabilities

  • Organized by MACA, the event is coordinated by Extrarradio, Art and Social Inclusion and DaGuten, Escuela Gráfica de Barrio, and supports multidisciplinary artistic days to make this group’s creativity visible.

Alicante, November 23, 2022.- In its sixth edition, the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art once again celebrates All MACA, a free entry and fully accessible meeting for all audiences and all ages.

The event is held in collaboration with the Department of Culture, led by Antonio Manresa, who underlined that it is “a multi-disciplinary art conference with the aim of making people with disabilities visible and empowering”. And it does it for the same purposes as it always does, because unfortunately, it is still necessary to work on: all people can participate in the usual creative processes, artistic circuits, and can be found in all educational centres, in all professional fields and at all strata of this society”.

As they pointed out from the museum, “We seek social, political and human equality. It is something that has not yet arrived for many reasons. And as long as this “yet” is preserved, we will be here for another year since 2017, celebrating these emotional meetings and exchanges of ideas. and participation in MACA around the International Day of Persons with Disabilities celebrated every 3 December”.

Manresa said, “Our aim with Todos MACA is to bring contemporary art closer to all kinds of people, thus promoting respect for culture, art, participation, creativity and all citizenship groups and strata. The idea here is to build bridges. Instead of a barrier or communication barrier between people, our differences, diversity, make it an opportunity for mutual learning, collective creation. If we all participate, we all gather”.

The Todos MACA program consists of numerous artistic and cultural events distributed over a weekend (December 2, 3 and 4), where we will transform the museum into a privileged space to evoke the genius of an outside audience. art, dialogue with the public, and embedding the museum in the social fabric of the city, making it a place for everyone.

The target audience of these conferences is society as a whole, and without this society it will be difficult to build a more inclusive, tolerant and empathetic world without trusting the people who make it up. For this reason, the event program does not cover certain groups, but is open to everyone.

The event is coordinated by Extrarradio, Art and Social Inclusion and DaGuten, Escuela Gráfica de Barrio. Two interdisciplinary collectives of educators, mediators and artists, including Todos MACA, who have been organizing all kinds of great ideas, projects, dreams and madness for almost a decade.


Friday, December 2

11 hours. Presentation “An easy-to-read collection”.

To kick off TODOS MACA 2022, a brochure will be presented, the result of the Series Team’s work on the “Pull the Thread” project. This educational and artistic project designed by DaGuten. Escuela Gráfica de Barrio is for artists from APSA’s Terramar Business Centre. Throughout this year, the Series Team has designed an easy-to-read brochure for each of the MACA collections and we would like to present it in the 20th Century Art Collection. And the Pull the Thread project became more than a series of graphic arts workshops. The Series Team will be responsible for explaining the Collection and the screen printing technique so each participant can take home a piece inspired by this Collection.

18 hours. Guided visit without sight seeing.

The 20th Century Art Collection is one of this city’s greatest gems. It is the ideal place to learn, explore, be inspired and above all breathe art. Therefore, a very special guided tour will take place without the eyesight to explore the rest (hearing, taste, smell, touch) in an experience seeking sensory stimulation and empathy with the visually impaired.

Saturday, December 3

12 hours. Guided tour “Great dry artists”. With the Spanish Sign Language Translator (LSE).

In addition, a vermouth visit-workshop under the guidance of Explicarte to expand its target audience, but this time with a Spanish sign language translation service. The focus will be on Frida Kahlo, an artist who cares for the plastic concerns of her generation and whose sociocultural context is dominant. In order to awaken a new perspective that recognizes the labor of women in overcoming the roles and models imposed in the history of art, not only her work but also her disabled life will be known from her. .

18 hours. Animation short projection

Two animated short films about the disabled, inclusive education and personal development will be screened for 15 minutes in the MACA auditorium. After the screening, visitors will be able to take home the screen prints of “The Tragedy of the Volcano”, which was selected in the animation category at the 19th Alicante Film Festival, and “Sempere Motion”, which was created as a result of CreArt’s invitation to participate in MACA. European Day of Artistic Creativity 2018.

Sunday, December 4

11.30 Serious games/workshop and “Shooting because it’s up to us all”

The market will end with the joint game “Game of Excavation of Various Beings”. An opportunity to participate and play as an artist in this wonderful collaborative project that builds bridges between people. It will be played in Plaza de Santa María, in front of MACA where the match will be played.

All information about inscriptions on activities www.maca-alicante.es

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