Emotional surprise received by Marcelo Gallardo on his son's birthday

Emotional surprise received by Marcelo Gallardo on his son’s birthday

Marcelo Gallardo He attended the birthday party of his son Matías, a football player who played in the lower echelons of River. It was a joyful event with emotional moments as well. Attendees of the event dedicated the theme to the coach, which Millionaire fans created to honor him in his last game at Monumental.

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In the video he took Geraldine LaRosa, As Marcelo’s wife begins to play the music, you can see her son’s friends hugging each other in a ring. In the background, Gallardo can be seen sitting in an armchair with Benjamin, the youngest in the family, asleep in his arms.

The teenagers were responsible for starting the song before the watchful eyes of Doll, who enjoyed this “spontaneous tribute” along with her father Máximo and other relatives. Although the millionaire was not seen singing his hymn, there was no lack of laughter and emotion.

“Hi Doll! We want to tell you… you are eternal, like Madrid. Don’t go! Think again, the whole Monumental is asking you to do this”, Says the beat that resounds in the Gallardo family home.

DT’s wife accompanied her Instagram story with the words, “And a classic that is not missing.”

Geraldine also shared a photo of the cake Matías chose for her 19th birthday and a video of the actor’s friends throwing the cake to the beat of the music.


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What will be the future of Marcelo Gallardo?

Al Muñeco has not been seen in public since leaving the club, where he won everything, and rumors of a possible trip to the Qatar 2022 World Cup began to disperse.

as far as he can tell TN, the coach had the idea to participate in the most important football tournament with his sons Santino, Nahuel and Matías. But the latest versions say that this will not happen and He will not go to the World Cup.

“Not for now, maybe he’ll change his mind”, multiple sources told this site. The purpose of the Doll is to “disconnect” from football a little, to share time with the family, and to attend the unveiling of its statue in Anıtsal on December 9th.

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The full farewell speech of Marcelo Gallardo

“These are weeks filled with very strong emotions we experienced with the whole team. The trip has come to an end, it was the most beautiful journey imaginable. It has been more than eight years. I have words of gratitude to all my team and all my players and all my managers who supported this process. We cried a lot during these weeks because When you leave your home, a very strong feeling remains and I think the tears continue to flow. It was a very difficult day to say goodbye like this in a city that has treated us very well for all these years, where we had very good moments and very meaningful matches for this process, for this stage. Thank you, I have only words of gratitude to the fan of Nehir who accompanied us from north to south throughout the journey, who accompanied us everywhere. They were very generous, a really important support. They remained loyal and faithful to us. I am very happy to say goodbye like this. I love you. I will miss you all so much. I want to hug everyone to understand how strong you are. I will never leave River because River is a part of my life. This yo Thank you Mendoza and all the fans around the world for joining us on the journey. Thank you sincerely. I love you from the bottom of my heart”

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