He played football with Messi and today makes a living as a clown on the Rosario pedestrian street: "He drove everyone crazy"

He played football with Messi and today makes a living as a clown on the Rosario pedestrian street: “He drove everyone crazy”

Cuchuflito clown tells an anecdote that Lionel Messi had as a child

Few people call Hernán Hernán because of the Rosario pedestrian street. When the man paints his face and disguises himself as a clown to sell balloons at the intersection of Córdoba and San Martín streets, cuchuflito. There’s a story behind the makeover: this Rosario, who has been a children’s entertainer for over two decades in downtown Santa Fe. He was a neighbor of the Messi family.Lionel was enjoying his childhood before trying his luck at Barcelona.

In the middle of the morning, he begins to collect air in his chest to inflate latexes of all shapes. Dedicated to entertaining children’s parties and battling technology every day with the “world’s oldest toy” (for the globe), Hernán A lovely anecdote with Lionel Messi among his best memories.

The story took place in the Municipal Park of the town of Villa Gobernador Gálvez, located a few kilometers from Rosario. And, as always, there was a ball.

Lion He will be 10 years old. We went with brothers Rodrigo and Matías. Giancarlo, who manages the teams in the La Bajada neighborhood (where Messi lives), took him to the match. Lion. He played against some kids and before he started someone told him to take the little boy out because he was going to hit himself.”. The reference to “little boy” was for Lío, who was getting his first vaccinations with hormones for his growth.

Knowing of Lionel’s plight, the “supporter” of Barrio La Bajada defiantly replied: “No, let the little boy take care of me”. The pitch wasn’t of grass or cement or earth: it was made of sand, so it was a kind of beach football. Hernán cannot erase the hell dance from his mind. flea he gave them to the adults on the other team, broke the walls with his brothers 5 and 7 years older.

“I’ve never seen a 10-year-old drive all those mastodons crazy. You know you drive them all crazy!”He tells it as if he’s seen little Lionel try dribbles and dribbles for the first time in his life. The result was positive for La Bajadans. Messi’s former neighbor does not remember the exact score, although he remembers it with perfect tone: “We won. I don’t remember today, but it is far away”.

The triumphant return to the neighborhood was ludicrous, with Lionel as a figure and Messi teaching opponents who underestimated the youngest player in that match. “He scored a lot of goals. They didn’t catch it. Funny aside, chabón, canchero said, ‘The little boy is going to hit himself.'” After the challenge, the expected refreshment: drinking the famous cola-tasting soda, which tasted even better if it had been poured before the start. “We did this with the kids, we had a lot of fun,” concludes Hernán, whose middle brother, Matías, is the one with whom he most relates.

Rosario, a city that hides hundreds of minimal stories still worth telling about Messi, football and the Argentine star.


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