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Cecilia Poll called up to the National Swimming Team for the first time

Once again, the Surname Poll will defend the colors of Costa Rica on a National Swimming Team outside our borders.

Cecilia Poll, the daughter of Olympic medalist Claudia Poll, who is only 14 years old, will compete in the 39th Delfines del Naco International Swimming Tournament, which will take place in Complejo from Thursday, November 24 to Sunday, November 27. Acuático del Centro Olympic Juan Pablo Duarte is in the Dominican Republic.

Although Cecilia has competed in international tournaments in the United States in recent years, it will be her first time seeing the colors of national representation, as her Aunt Sylvia and later her mother Claudia did in the past.

Also, Cecilia will have the special support of her mother, one of the coaches of the Costa Rican delegation. The young swimmer will participate in five freestyle events in the 13-14 age category. He will dive into the pool in 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1500 meters freestyle and 50 meters butterfly.

In the absolute rankings of the National Aquatics Federation (Fecoda), Cecilia is currently in seventh place with 4:38:48; She is the second best swimmer in the 800 with 9:25:15 and the third best in the country with a time of 18:09:99 in the 1500.

Meanwhile, in the 13-14 age group, he ranked sixth with 1:03:16 out of 100; Second place in the 200 with 2:12:87 and 4:38:48 in the 400, and also first in the 800 and 1500 with 9:25:15 and 18:09:33 respectively.

His goals, like his other teammates, include developing their personal brand for the 2023 events.


Along with Cecilia, 32 other swimmers travel, including young people taking their first steps to represent the country, and even others with experience who have participated in the Olympic Games and different events of the Olympic cycle.

Complementing the national team: Amanda Medrano, Arnoldo Herrera, Génesis Bolandi, Génesis Herrera, Keysi Castro, Eugenia Brealey, Abigail Chaves, Melanie Dávila, Tayra Esquivel, Nicole Centeno, Yuliana Ortiz, Kathia Venegas, Kisha Jimézara, Micaelax Alexia Gamboa, Alejandra Suárez, Eidan Morera, Franco Rivas, Elian Torres, José Armando Flores, Marcelo Leiva, Alberto Vega, Emiliano Fallas, José Manuel Alfaro, Julio Pérez, Esteban Cruz, Guido Montero, Beatriz Padrón, Alondra Ortiz, Sthefany Ve Jason Rojas.

Pablo Camacho will be the head coach and will be supported by Osvaldo Chaves, Oman Correa, Mauricio Dondi and Claudia Poll, while the physiotherapist will be David Matamoros; Randall Fallas is a delegate and Eufrasia Peña is a companion.

Osvaldo Chaves, one of the coaches of the national team, explained that the tournament is very important as there is a very important gap for the 2023 competitions.

“This type of work is very important. We aim to integrate boys and make them feel part of a team; develop a sense of belonging to the team and give them the place they deserve,” Chaves concluded in a Fecoda press release.

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