Cristhian Noboa: Carlos Gruezo looks like an octopus, he's everywhere |  Football |  sports

Cristhian Noboa: Carlos Gruezo looks like an octopus, he’s everywhere | Football | sports

Ecuador’s second match at the World Cup in Qatar, where some experts are now classified as a “tough” team, is approaching. The team he trained Gustavo Alfaro has a maximum star a enner valencia The player who came to the tournament at a great moment due to his goal streak with Fenerbahçe in Turkey, which is expected to be one of the biggest focus of attention of the Dutch defense. In addition to the all-time top goal scorer for Tricolor, Alfaro has three new midfielders hungry to devour anything in their path.

Before coach Louis van Gaal’s game against Oranje, a player like this Christian NoboaReferred to as one of the figures of the Ecuadorian midfield at the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil, he came to light in a letter he wrote to the “destroyer” of the rival midfield during his vacation in the country. this Tsar It means Carlos Gruezo.

“Ecuador will be more difficult than Senegal,” said Dutch coach Louis van Gaal.

“He’s a very experienced player, he’s been in the last three qualifiers and he’s showing that he’s ready now. He’s been in his first World Cup before and it was hard for him to adapt but now you see he’s one of the captains, he’s one of those running the defensive zone and he’s doing very well. Russian Premier League Let’s hope he continues to show that, as he did in Germany, the former selected player who played in .

Cristhian Noboa spoke to EL UNIVERSO at his home in Samborondón. ‘Dice’ is on holiday in the country. Photo: “Maricarmen Falconí Espinoza”

And Noboa’s praise for the FC Augsburg midfielder was overwhelming: “He is the one responsible for scoring, defending and taking care of the entire defensive zone and he does it very well. It is everywhere, it looks like an octopus for its size; and he already knows how to position himself, he knows how to position himself, he knows how to look before he gets the ball… Those are the things German football gives him”.

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Noboa knows all too well what it is like to play for the National Team at an early age and the added pressure and burden that this puts on the newest’s shoulders.

“(They) have grown so much (Moisés Caicedo, Jhegson Méndez and José Cifuentes). When I met them, they didn’t have that dynamic already known between Méndez and Caicedo, that vision of the game, the moves they’re doing now, they didn’t have those mechanisms. The two of them already know where to position themselves, where to position, where to close, when to attack, when to have the ball. They give you playing time. They have grown so much,” said the 37-year-old Tsar.

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Noboa wanted to end his letter to the coach with a message: “Professor Gustavo has given them the opportunity to play, to gain the coach’s trust, and for a player it may be the freest and most positive feeling to be 100 percent ready. It’s your game. They have that virtue and they do it”.

Thus, FC Sochi’s great striker, who scored 10 goals in the Russian league this season, signed a must-have note for those who should be the leader of the creative engine of the Ecuadorian team against the Netherlands: “(Jhegson) Méndez caught the lines well, created many goal options, gave his teammates Helpful in offense and defense. Moisés (Caicedo) is as always an all-around ground player who presses on all lines. To see the two of them (Méndez and Caicedo) is to see how the team is managed. I always thought it just depends on how the two ‘5s play , it’s up to your team. And they both went through it.”


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