Guided visits to Miguel García Cano's 'Visions' exhibition at the Art Museum

Guided visits to Miguel García Cano’s ‘Visions’ exhibition at the Art Museum

Next Sunday, November 27, the temporary exhibition at the Almería Art Museum Espacio 2 closes, under the title visions, dedicated to the work of the Cordova painter Miguel García Cano. For this reason, the author organized three free guided tours where he will personally tell about his work, his painting career and especially his career, which will be exhibited on Friday, the 25th tomorrow, Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th. The last period is devoted almost entirely to “scenes” inspired by the coast of Almería.

The paintings that make up this exhibition are part of two major series of paintings that Miguel García Cano (Obejo, Córdoba, 1957) has been developing over the past two decades; In other words, the exhibited work is a work that was completely processed in the 21st century. From the previous phase, the artist only added wooden sculptures of the Quercus series to the corresponding pieces of these two series, perhaps due to their emotional ties or common roots with the first of the series in question, the Quercus series. one with the title Silence This corresponds to the period of 2000-2012. second series called Unwarranteddates back to 2013, the year the first piece of the series was produced. If series Silence At the beginning of the Cordoba mountains, it refers to the areas and emotions associated with its natural landscape. Unwarrantedphysical, mental and emotional geography refers to the coast of Almería.

The exhibition, which consists of 45 pieces (39 paintings and 6 sculptures), describes the unique painting world of an artist who does not easily fit into any school, trend or church, and who always develops his works in line with his own instincts and convictions. While his painting is figurative and not abstract, we cannot speak of pure realism, for his paintings, and even his most explicit landscapes, are more mental landscapes than physical replicas, although they keep their undeniable referenceness alive.

Miguel García Cano is a studio painter, not a street or natural painter: everything perceived by the artist is subjected to a complex process of metamorphosis, where what is seen, lived and experienced is reclaimed for work through a tangle of intuitions. , prophecies, stimuli (often of poetic or literary origin) and interpersonal dialogues that illuminate the frame of reference from which the pictorial sequence that will form the new sequence will emerge. As a result, what emerges in the work and gives meaning to the work is the inner world of the painter beyond mere objectivity.

The two series that make up this exhibition can be classified a priori as “landscapes”, provided that the weight of the quotation marks is prominently emphasized.

In any case, this affinity of the artist for themes related to nature can be traced in the author’s biographical signs, although in recent decades he has led an essentially urban life (he has lived in Valencia since the early 1970s). Like many Spaniards from the rural world of the 50s and 60s and many artists of his generation.

An origin that allowed him to live in direct contact with the natural world as a child will later return to his mature painting.

Exhibition from Tuesday to Thursday, 10:00-13:30 in the morning, Friday and Saturday, 10:30-13:30 in the morning, 17:00-20:00 in the afternoon and 10:00 – 13:30 on Sundays, Almería Art Museum On the first floor of Espacio 2, in the room opposite the train station. The final guided tours will take place at 19:00 on Friday, 25th, and at 12:00 on Saturday, 26th and Sunday, 27th.

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