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[Noticias] At Rock al Parque you can also enjoy Art a la KY.

Artistic practices of the public sphere are reaching more and more places in the city. The idea of ​​bringing art into people’s daily lives is becoming more and more real. The reputation of artists performing on the streets of Bogota is becoming more and more possible. And opening up new scenarios for these creators of public avenues, Rock to the Park FestivalIn its 2022 version, it will recruit sculptors, cartoonists and photographers to bring new experiences to music, art and culture lovers in Bogotá.

Jorge Enrique Bermúdez is one of the public space artists invited to this festival. This Bogota sculptor with more than 25 years of experience will be present at Simón Bolívar Metropolitan Park on 26 and 27 November to present his work based on wire forming techniques. “This is an opportunity to express my feelings as a public space artist and to present different works for the rockers of the city, I hope to leave a pleasant memory for those who visit our cultural corridor,” he says.

This cultural corridor entrepreneurship zone From the Rock Festival to the Park. Nury Janeth Buelvas, who has been working with materials such as copper, bronze, aluminum and steel for more than 20 years, will also be present. “During my career as an artist, I had experiences with many people and thanks to these experiences, I was able to capture works for all the people passing through the city, using and creating different techniques. Now I will do the same work as a sculptor at a big festival like Rock al Parque”, she confirms.

Both Jorge and Nury KY Art Program of the Regional Art Institute – IdartesAiming to bring art closer to citizens, promote the activities of Bogota street artists, honor their work and give them access to new audiences and a variety of sustainability alternatives, the City’s artist actors have succeeded in using the public space responsibly, and we now give them their revival and economic and We offer new circulation opportunities aimed at ensuring their cultural stability”.

On the second weekend of Rock al Parque, you can also enjoy street art with the participation of Colombian-Venezuelan plastic artist, cartoonist and sculptor Claudia Patricia Hernández, who will be on stage this time with various drawing techniques and reused materials. Iron and paper to leave a nice memory for the festival attendees. “My artistic work in the street led me to paint on Venezuelan banknotes, combining painting and sculpture with my roots. “This will be something that tourists and passersby can enjoy at Simón Bolívar Park on December 3 and 4,” he says.

Other moments of the festival will be recorded by Juan Manuel Díaz Sosa, a photographer with more than 20 years of experience in the public sphere and paying particular attention to the use of a similar technique that emerged in 1890, consisting of exposing a silver plate to the image. .and then bring it out chemically and conventionally. “I learned this art from my grandfather when I was 13 years old. A job that has given me many victories, both personally and professionally. I am currently part of the Idartes Arte a la KY program and it is very pleasing to be able to attend Rock al Parque,” ​​he emphasizes.

The invitation is an invitation to support all citizens on the streets of the city to create sustainable conditions that will positively affect the talents, living conditions and development of these people who have devoted their lives to art. city.

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