Students display their art in the garden of "Maestras Lucio Lucero"

Students display their art in the garden of “Maestras Lucio Lucero”

An artistic exhibition was held for the 83rd anniversary of the Beginner’s Level 1 School “Maestras Lucio Lucero”. The exhibition, which consists of 280 works, one per student and one per student, ends tomorrow with a big birthday celebration of the educational institution.

Director Patricia Puebla comments: “The motto of the exhibition is author Pablo Picasso’s ‘I draw not what I see, but what I believe’, and it is part of the garden’s original art project. It is 25 years old at this time.

In the two years that passed with the pandemic, the exhibition was not suspended, it was moved to the digital world. “Although it’s not the same to make it virtual. It was difficult to bring it face-to-face again this year, as we did in previous years,” Puebla said.

The project is run by ten teachers who make up the art commission, five in the morning and five in the afternoon. “We had to analyze what we were going to use to hang the works, what supports we were going to use, whether we were going to use the living room or the classrooms, or if we were going to hold the exhibition in the gallery. We did it in other years,” the director explained.

The fair takes place in the school’s multi-purpose room and in the teachers’ room where they place the fluorine part of the show. “The entire faculty was helpful for the assembly and decoration day. The show started last Tuesday and will run until the 25th,” he said.

Regarding the fluorine room, the director commented, “We decided to make this type of room to be something different so that kids can take advantage of the pigments that come in fluorine colors and see their creations in a different way.”

When they saw the artifacts hanging in SUM, the first thing they said was ‘Like when we went to the museum’. Patricia Puebla.

The last day of the exhibition coincides with the date the school celebrated its 83rd anniversary. “We try to do it on this date every year to honor the garden. We will do something symbolic to sing happy birthday and tell the children about the history of the garden. We will also do a photo shoot with the ladies in each room so that it stays for the history of our school,” said Puebla.

The choice of profession was made by the classroom teacher. “The contents are handled in accordance with the curriculum design of the province and adapted for rooms of 3, 4 and 5 years. For example, line, symmetry, dot, pure color, primary colors, blends, among others,” the director clarified.

“The important thing here is that we work with an institutional education project. We work on the selection of these contents and we make reproductions, textures with the children. What is relevant is that the child is a critic, producer and observer. Art commission member teacher Vanesa Lucero said, “Of all the works and everything we present First of all, they have to have this pleasure, to get their attention, to enjoy it,” he said.

“We always look at the child’s interests, what he likes, what motivates him to develop his imagination and creativity,” she added.

The exhibits are the result of the long work of our male and female students with their teachers throughout the year. “There are works that are two-dimensional, embodied in slabs depending on the texture and material used. There are also three-dimensional works that require more effort, such as modeling,” said Puebla.

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