Businesses committed to online teaching are already billing more than 5,000...

Businesses committed to online teaching are already billing more than 5,000…

More and more entrepreneurs are starting an education-related business via the Internet. The e-learning and information products market attracts thousands of freelancers every year. presents its information in different digital formats, how can they online lessons, video tutorials, e’books on any subjectforums or learning guides to clear doubts.

This online education marketplace, an area in expansion and workflow over the past decade. The diversification of education and the need to adapt to different situations have made remote access a very attractive and necessary option for multiplying education and job opportunities.

ActuallyThe turnover of e-learning in 2021 exceeds 5,000 million euros, some numbers that are high in themselves but are expected to increase this year and in the following years. According to the E-Learning Market Trends – Global Research Report study, between 2022 and 2026The online education market can grow more than 8% per year.

According to figures from the same survey, businesses selling information products or dedicated to teaching already in Europe in 2019. third world market With a financing of 1.8 trillion euros, it surpassed India after China and the USA. At the global level, spending on education is expected to increase from the current approximately € 8.1 billion to € 10 billion; this increase is largely due to efforts in new e-learning methods that are already fully integrated into the education system.

Here are five tips for entrepreneurs considering starting online education or starting any online education-related business.

Steps for entrepreneurs who want to start teaching online

Knowing your framework of action, identifying your potential and the area where you are best developing is very important and should be the first step in getting started with online teaching. Then it will have to identify the niche where skills can be applied and give information.

For example, there are teachers who prefer to teach to professionals, others to children and beginners, and even those who prepare students to pass exams.

It is important to examine the competitive market a bit, the profile and qualifications of the best teachers in your field of interest, compare the proportions of other teachers and the ways they promote their professional services.

for start online classroom business A market research should be done knowing aspects such as the market in general, competitors or companies, and the profile or target of the customer you want to attract or capture to offer online courses.

This information about the market and competitors will be helpful to know your strengths or weaknesses and to prepare and develop your skills. Another advantage of examining the market for the entrepreneur is that it can identify areas where demand is high and supply is low.

If you decide to become self-employed, you should promote your services through various channels or media to find students. It’s important to create a business plan that includes activities, tasks, and goals, such as: answering emails, keeping an appointment schedule, and establishing a billing method.

There are several digital platforms you can serve as a freelance teacher: Upwork and Fiverr, but you can also create a blog or website so potential students can learn more about your online courses.

Other convenient option to become an online teacher is to work at a job e-learning platform. With this alternative, time and energy are saved and the network greatly simplifies the job of finding students and promoting services. Teaching online on an existing platform is easy, you just have to fill out a form and verify the profile. Also, the payment process is quick and easy. The best platforms for online teaching are: Brainfuse, Preply, Studypool, TutorWorld, Revolution Prep,, and Skooli.

  • Distinguish your target audience

All education initiatives Who is the teaching for?i.e. who will be the target audience. It is important that the new teacher makes a short list of students with whom he or she will want to work or with whom he can best apply teaching styles and methods.learning.

once the teacher knows what is your target audiencenow you can learn a little more about your needs, interests, preferences, occupations, academic level and the activities you do most often.

Having a broad knowledge of the student will allow you to better connect with them, devise an action plan, and tailor content based on their interests to better grab the group’s attention. This will stimulate the learning process.

The next step will be to investigate how much do online teachers earn Before you set your own rates, however, keep in mind that rates vary in the market. Salaries or income are calculated based on the subject area of ​​experience, education level and performance.

There is no standard fee schedule that says how much to charge for professional services. If you are still not clear about the price you can get, it might be a good idea to enter the platform. preparatory teachers and what teachers offer in their profiles, as well as current job postings.

  • Create a value proposition

Another important point for the teacher is to list the reasons why your services make a difference in the competitive market. this value proposition addresses a weakness, problem, or need of the target audience. At this stage, the capacity and experience of students should be revealed in order to solve their weak points.

In addition, it is very important in this sense that the teacher includes his previous knowledge and innovative ideas that make him different from other competitors. For example, your qualities that will catch the attention of adolescents, your experience as a traveller, your empathy or cultural breadth.

Required as an online teacher set some limits and rules to ensure that the lessons are run normally. If you teach online on your own, it’s a good idea to communicate the rules regarding cancellation of online classes, such as how many hours in advance cancellations must be made.

this Preply online platform As a rule, it is obligatory to announce the cancellation of a course on the agenda 4 hours in advance. It is important for students to be aware of these rules to avoid uncertainty or unnecessary waste of time and effort.

  • Design an attractive study plan

In addition to the professional profile, a good study plan may be a teacher’s best personal introduction letter. Study plans don’t have to be a “straitjacket” for online teachers, but a flexible tool that serves as a guide to achieve their true goals: students understand the material or content, commit to learning, and be able to apply what they learn. times.

A study plan includes: objectives, objectives, activity schedule, materials, teaching resources, content creation tools, content and learning strategies.

  • Promote your tutoring services online

By formalizing your registration on a special platform, students will be able to easily find you in the teachers section. It is important that you create a complete and attractive profile because it will be your most prominent ad.

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