Luis Enrique announces changes against Germany

Luis Enrique announces changes against Germany

Great performance of the starting team where the Spanish team started the match world Qatar 2022 with a historic 7-0 Costa Rica, will not cause Luis Enrique Martínez to repeat his line-up in the second-day duel against. Germany.

“I don’t repeat eleven a lot, even in teams. Of course there will be some changes because I see all players working well enough to be able to play with confidence that they can perform.”The Spanish coach said in his live broadcast on Twitch, where he reached 619,000 followers:

“Today we studied Germany. I don’t watch the matches live, but then we analyze for hours. We take the circumstances into account and look for players who are in the best condition by training sessions and look out for positive synergies.”added.

Luis Enrique underlined Gavi’s performance and emphasized that: “What he did is amazing” at 18and Marco Asensio’s form moment: “It certainly shows an individual quality. He’s the best player in the world.”

“I see Marco on the same line in the previous participation (in the national team). Now he’s doing it at his own club and we did what we wanted to raise his level. He did,” he added.

In addition, he explained the sacrifice he made to perform as a defender, a position where Asensio won the match against Álvaro Morata in his World Cup debut: “As a ‘9’, it takes effort for the pressure and responsibility he takes on. Playing on the wing or ‘9’ has now reached a guaranteed and enthusiastic form. You can see his level in training.”

Spain’s win sparked enthusiasm in the country and Luis Enrique appreciated the warmth felt by the international players from the Spanish fans: “We feel that (the team) has reconnected people since the European Championship, where we noticed a very different trend. Feeling that love with the ‘Nations League’ very nice and we hope to return this with results. Our goal is to play well and have fun for our people.”

Regarding the match against Costa Rica, the coach underlined that they are. “Excellent in ball circulation and post-loss pressure”He responded to those who cast a shadow over the victory.

“People will say Costa Rica is a group, but you will see how they can do interesting things against their rivals in the group. We managed to shrink a selection and make it look shoddy. It is the merit of the players,” he argued.

Question asked by fans about meeting the King Felipe VI, Luis Enrique thanked the monarch for his closeness and love: “The king’s visit after the match always delighted us and described very well how he felt. He told us it was a pleasure to see us play and he was very proud.”

Against Germany without speculation

“You never know what will concern us in another game. You might think of a draw but it won.” Japan. The goal is to focus on the result and we’ll see what happens. It doesn’t matter if the result against Germany is against Japan. The goal will be to win to be first in the group. Speculating with results doesn’t guarantee anything”warned.

Luis Enrique is already turning the pages for Costa Rica, happy to see everything he does with his players reflected on the field. and optimistic, focused on the duel against Germany, stressed the need after falling out at the premiere.

“Yesterday we broke countless records in Spain. We are very happy with the way things are going, we got the tension of the first games under control. The result was unbeatable and it makes us optimistic, But it’s also realistic because the World Cup is a short game and a bad game will hurt you.”it was stress.

“It’s interesting to see our level against a favorite like Germany, which now has to take the risk. As always, we will go for the win and we will secure the classification.”was convicted.

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