ERC cleans up converged ambulance business

ERC cleans up converged ambulance business

CKD begins fer sabotage —clean, catalan– on Catalan health after years of suffocating domination over the convergent world and its business sector. Republicans will receive a historic contract from the nationalist group from the Catalonia Emergencies (SEM) from bergareigning with full priority in the transport of priority vehicles – both SEM as Mossos d’Esquadra— for decades. It won’t be like that anymore and the company flirting with him process pro-independence party lost to Andalusian group Iturri and german fraikin.

Pere Ferrer (c), manager of Mossos d’Esquadra, in Bergadana / Cedida

This is explained and warned by sources in the healthcare industry. from berga It will lose the first major contract in the Catalan emergency after awarding the south and Teutonic the 2.8 million contract for the superstructure of the Emergency ambulances in the city of Barcelona. [ver aquí]. Global History He asked SEM about the outcome of the public tender, but received no response. Although Bergadana promised that the new general manager would come, he did not respond. Nathan Banyeres, “would call”. That didn’t happen.

“More than 18 million played”

Other industry sources confirmed the result, confirming that the Gironella (Barcelona) based vehicle conversion group “lost to Iturri and Fraikin”. This means “few vehicles are left out for now, but it is a clear warning for the 2025 plumbing competition.“.

What are they referring to? from berga he was content with his tools Emergencies in Catalonia In 2013 and 2015, it took a cake for close to 18 million euros in the last macro tender alone – because each transport by an ambulance costs about 35,000 euros. Now it’s out of competition before the 2025 ambulance competition, which means “a very bad omen for the company, because the characteristics between Barcelona and all of Catalonia are very similar, even the same”.

Black on white: yes from berga Losing 2.8 million, Barcelona has many tricks to lose, close to 18 million of the big tender of the future.

Unions: “SEM competitions led Bergadana”

The decline of the nationalist company against Andalusia Iturri and german fraikin It will be the result of a public tender for more contracts than the gigantic amount the Generalitat of Catalonia carries annually. But it is not. Because at least three sources, one of which is a union, who are not affiliated with each other in the industry, stated that “past SEM competitions have directed you to: from berga“.

xavier trias boi ruiz bergadana

Xavier Trias, ex-mayor of Barcelona and ‘former minister’ Boi Ruiz at Bergadana/CG

With downwards They refer only to contract specifications that can be fulfilled by the Gironella-based company, the economic engine of the Berguedà region. Public administration is prohibited. directlybut everyone knows that there are legal ins and outs. emergencies Y from berga “They’ve always found them so companies have to have their bodies there,” complains a big businessman in the industry. to advertise your new products.

“Too expensive” and flaws

Even so, the contractors of the district administration were not satisfied with the result. “It should be noted that Galician Rodriguez Lopez Automobile (RAL) has always worked much better and cheaper. from bergabut one of the Government interested that our vehicles are assembled there because they between her“.

And the quality did not convince them. “Ask how well the Karrizajs comply with the contract documents. It’s very weak. Who in SEM checked that the crates designated by Escrow are x liters or that the medicine cabinets have this or that capacity? Noone. The important thing was that it seemed like we were floating there for some reason.“, giving details of one of the administrators.

Beaten and Iturri ‘back’

In any case, the supremacy of the company close to nationalism may be coming to an end. Iturri Y fraikin won the previous SEM competition. ambulance tender More than 1,000 million will move by 2025. It is very easy to transport vehicles within this amount.

Trucks of the Generalitat Fire Department in an archive image / BOMBERS DE LA GENERALITAT

Generalitat Fire Department trucks, in a file image / Ceded

In addition to the business level, there is another aspect of the Andalusian and German victory over the Catalans. Iturri marked by fire caseInvestigated by the Education Court No. 14 of Barcelona prejudice In the maintenance of Generalitat’s fire trucks. In fact, he had left the Ministry of the Interior in the south, and Mossos came to look for his office in Catalonia. Now, enter as a contractor SEM It assumes a “rehabilitation” to the firm’s image.

Bergadana flirted with ‘procés’

Whether this has to do with cleaning or not, from berga has always developed good relations with the convergent world. in 2013 and process independence at its origin, the old president The firm’s leadership, Artur Mas, was in favor of independence. [ver entrevista aquí] That same year, the then-president of the Bank of Spain, Luis Maria Lindewarned of “very bad” scenarios in the event of an attempt to leave. Finally the challenge is over Exporting more than 3,000 companies Catalonia, including a good portion of those listed.

Josep Channels Y Jaume Montana While it was true that they stated that they were “outside” of ideological issues, they assured that they “won’t sell more or less” because they were “Catalan”. Previously, two executives expanded the company after the previous Bergadana Solutions went bankrupt. In the establishment of the new company, the existing company, the old president Plus He cited it as an “example” for the region, despite the fact that the work accident killed 123 people.

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