Carabanchel businesses from 'shark' to Guinness record in solidarity swimming

Carabanchel businesses from ‘shark’ to Guinness record in solidarity swimming


This Madrid businessman is not only an elite athlete, but also raises donations for needy neighborhoods and environmental causes around the world.

Pablo Fernández holds one of the Guinness swimming record certificates he holds in the company pool.Javier Barbancho

Pablo Ferndez He is one of those people who go unnoticed on the street. A person like any other. However, when you get the chance to chat with him, you immediately detect someone. With a few messages that are extraordinary – inspiring – and will change everyone’s life in a positive way.

He wanted to be a football player who followed in his father’s footsteps. However, the bone development problem in his legs caused him to turn to another sports discipline with the recommendation of his doctor. This is how it started at age 11. swimming is a world record holder sport Approved by the International Open Water Swimming Federation.

In addition to swimming like a fish in water, Pablo also knows how to act cunningly in the business “ocean”: in 2016 clicksa company dedicated to the sale of used cars very recently it has become the European leader of this type of internet commerce.

Paul Fern
Pablo Fernndez poses for Gran Madrid at the Clicars facilities.Javier Barbancho

“I had to be disciplined and persistent to get here. I went slowly and following the principles my parents instilled in me. I should also know that I was lucky to be born in a place where it was possible to grow up. I always thought that if I had been born in another country, I wouldn’t have had the opportunities Madrid has given me.”says Pablo, he knows how people live at latitudes different from ours.

As a way to thank him for all he has accomplished, he turns to activities he is passionate about to raise money to promote a better world. An example 36 hours nonstop I swam in the countercurrent pool at their facility. clicksas well as letting it be the only swimmer and madrileo in the book Guinness 2023Villaverde helped raise 40,000 euros to provide school supplies for humble children from Toledo and Torrejn de Ardoz. under a program supported by Father Angel’s Peace Ambassadors Foundation.

As an open sea swimmer, she is also committed to preserving marine life and eliminating plastic from the oceans. It does this by helping beginnings What Gravity wavesMakes cell phone cases with plastic extracted from the Mediterranean. In this sense, It plans to release a documentary on the vulnerability of sharks in the first half of he himself puts it, they are “desperate because of the bad image that the cinema is selling about them”.

In business, Pablo is an active investor in startups. business angels Most believer in the youth of Spain. D.He says the best way to help your city is to create jobs in the most needy neighborhoods. That’s why he places his businesses in places like where he grew up.

And so he does not forget Carabanchel. He often returns there to visit his childhood friends. He is also aware of the social work carried out by different organizations in the region to learn how he can help. His intention is always to help these sometimes excluded areas.

He speaks of his humble roots with great pride. And it turns out when he talks about his parents and siblings; That’s when a special sparkle can be seen in his eyes when he describes how they inspired and motivated him to get to where he is today. Only with the humility of victory, he admits that without them nothing he has achieved would have been possible. And of course, it wouldn’t be him.

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