"I think they might come for someone at Christmas or in the summer"

“I think they might come for someone at Christmas or in the summer”

to arrive sadar He’s on time for the appointment and the team is ready to deal with the current situation in Osasuna as he returns to work. Answer all questions carefully. for the first time in the morning, Braulio Vazquez (Pontevedra 1972 and settled in La Coruña since childhood) picks up the phone to answer questions. The athletic director is used to living busy days of interviews and interviews. And now there is relative calm due to the competition break. A parenthesis to analyze colder and slower. To value the past, to excite the present and the future. Braulio repeats one word in broad speech: enjoy. Osasuna’s moment invites him. Although there are threats to be followed in a continuous evolution process on the roadmap, the head of the sports field and the club lives on.

Does the wear of season six or the illusion of good times outweigh?

Especially should the illusion be worn because it is the sixth year? Maybe yes, but the other way around. I’m so excited about getting worn out. But I guess everything will have an expiration date, both for me and for Jagoba. Right now, I enjoy the day-to-day more than thinking about when it will end.

Do you see a wide horizon?

My cycle will end. I have a contract until 2026, but we have shown every year that we are happy with all parties. Bad times will definitely come, let’s see how we will overcome them. We naturally passed them when they arrived.

So what makes you excited?

I think we have the best squad in the six years I’ve been here. The team progressed at the football level with local players and different foreigners. The people who stop us on the street also awaken that illusion in us or when they see Al Sadar. From the outside, Osasuna is mentioned as a role model and it makes you proud.

Do you foresee any medium term targets?

You should enjoy the road. You can’t have that surge of emotion. On the day of Barça, I saw that we were third in the timeout and we were very angry at the end of the match. Not because of the position, but we remember that we were the leader with two minutes left in the Granada day last season (Montoro made the score 1-1 at the end of the match). It was a beautiful thing beyond what came after. Then the days pass and you see once again that what we’re doing is great.

Can you talk about an ambitious goal for this course? The word Europe seems dizzying.

What we wanted was to get away from the following. We are on track at the level of squad and football configuration. And that maybe brings you closer to the above. But in the last two years, they’ve replayed the top seven, where the League is pretty split. There are 10 people vying for the European competitions, and one of the other 10 could drop.

Osasuna sneaked up on him at that time.

I don’t know… We’re showing at the rank level, but we’ve had some really bad times. 10. It’s better to have fun without winning 13 games last year. We have a very challenging schedule for the end of round one, but it’s also exciting.

If there was an Elche-Villarreal on TV, who would you want to win? The other years are definitely Villarreal.

To be honest, I had my doubts before that I would definitely go with Villarreal. I don’t want to be arrogant, then Jagoba or Bittor will get angry. He tells me to see if I’m joking when I tell Jagoba (laughs). We discuss among ourselves. We will agree when 40 points are made, which I hope will come beforehand.

What was your job during the break?

First of all, gather information. We don’t just sign contracts with players. For example, we managed the Girona stage considering the impossibility of playing here. We value options such as Andalusia, Marbella or Murcia. We don’t have a roaming coaching staff (he’s kidding). We couldn’t form a triangle here as they have rivalries with Real, Alavés, Athletic or Eibar. So we decided to go to Girona for financial and sporting reasons. Playing against French teams is very good for us, they have physical and good facilities. It is also cheaper for us than other situations. We also talk to the federations about the World Cup, we see the contract status of our players, we see its subsidiary Second Division football…

At what point is the renewal of Unai García?

Everything is fine nearby. It should be finished soon.

Did its performance surprise you?

He improved his performance, he knows it. I am very happy, he is a very noble person, stubborn and good people. It wasn’t at this level last year, the roles are changing. Talking green. Often times actors don’t put them on Jagoba or Bittor, they give performances. But the players do not understand this.

There are more players who have expired their contracts. Aridane, Roberto Torres or Darko. Did they talk?

We are all in a big hurry but only 14 days have passed, the market closed two months ago. Let’s see how the first round will end, let’s see how the December market goes or if there is a departure from an important player…

Are you afraid of what will happen?

Could be, could be. If the team continues in this dynamic, it is the whiting that bites its tail. Osasuna is fine and the players stand out more. I think they might come for someone at Christmas or in the summer. We cannot control it. What we do is their valuation at a sporting and economic level. A person who asks a player to pay their money. We have improved a lot because the items are not 100 million, but people have a harder time paying for them. We don’t want to be the home of clubs, neither neighbor nor far.

Has the club made a sale offer due to economic necessity?

Not now. These situations can undoubtedly occur if the team is at the top. But then there is the player’s will and we have the advantage that Osasuna is a very desirable club. Many representatives called me and I told them we would not sign in the winter. Players who did not consider the Osasuna option in the summer, those who call you now. There is no such possibility now.

He insisted that there might be a way out. Do you have any tips beyond your opinion?

I see teams coming to see us every Sunday. There are many who constantly repeat clubs from outside, such as the Premier League.

There is speculation about the sale of Chimy.

Chimy has 6 goals and plays on the wing. I’m sure they will follow you.

Chimy’s clause is 30 million but has some of the economic rights.

It has been said that their economic rights are 50%. Less. You can make it big. There is a percentage but I can’t specify it for privacy. I can say that there are more than 50% reviews for Osasuna. Also, Osasuna has selling power. Whoever wants to buy does not get it in cash, and in this case, the power is in the club.

Speaking of ingredients, is Aimar Oroz worth 28 million?

I think so because of what could happen.

You already knew this, but did anything particularly catch your attention?

In addition to being a good boy, he pushes forward. I always demanded that he score goals or gain weight. He gained a physical tone thanks to the good work of the trainers. His personality did not surprise me. No chance to take on responsibilities.

How do you see the situation of Roberto Torres?

He can do whatever he wants. He owns his destiny. His behavior absolutely amazes me because Roberto has a super competitive character. Although he does not play, he behaves perfectly on match or training days. I thanked him and announced it to the public.

Can you go in January?

The agent has changed, he’s talking to me about some possibilities, but as of today we don’t have anything concrete. But if it stays, it’s okay, on the contrary. He’s already played in the Cup, he’s had moments in the League that may not be what he expected. But now a lot of matches are coming. We will need everyone.

Do you think there is a cycle change in this trend?

We needed changes. This is from Guardiola: after three or four years you have to leave or you change a lot of things. We played little, but important people changed. There are actors who gave us a lot but they are no longer there, new roles and the tree needed to be moved. Aimar or Pablo Ibáñez rose with this energy they radiated. If you don’t, you’ll usually die of success at max level. In the good times you have to change. If you’re going to wait for the bad moment to come, it’s too late. I think since we stayed at 10, which is a success, we assumed that some things needed to be changed.

And did you change anything in the way you progressed?

No. Mostly, Jagoba. I am someone who is in contact with the players, but I do not put up with that wear and tear or play them. I talk to almost everyone, but maybe once a month or when it’s time to address personal situations. Wear is less.

Sometimes, when viewed from the outside, these situations of the football player are not taken into account.

For example, this year an actor had a personal theme. I found out and talked to him. Everything went well. I will not give details. But he had the confidence to tell me, and I gave him my advice. The club and Jagoba helped him. Fixed and anything affecting performance.

You mentioned Pablo Ibáñez. He didn’t act. Would it be good to give it up?

It won’t come off at first. We will need everyone. Pablo is from the Second RFEF, he wasn’t even in Tajonar. We can’t forget that the training must be good for the 11s who take the field to level up. People are not fully reflected on the field. And one of the reasons we didn’t win ten games was because we lowered the training intensity. We have nothing to do without it.

Are you excited for the trophy?

Let’s try, but it depends on many factors. You need wealth. But the situation in the table and the staff allows it. We went to pass last year in Girona but we were not there. Cádiz came and the focus was there. The tie looked uncomfortable.

There was a conspiracy.

Yes, everything was there. Also, Jagoba could not be there due to covid. We were Bittor, Cata and me. That’s why we earn the same way (laughs).

It’s a very sensitive moment.

Finished. We crossed that mound. After the Girona game, I was more worried about the 13-game losing streak.

Was it the hardest?

Yes, because everything happened to us in the 13-game winning streak, but everything was clearer and there were a lot of doubts last year. We might be facing a cycle change or the conversation might no longer be coming.

He has always shown his trust in Jagoba.

Yes, the facts show that. At the end of last year, before it was renewed, we talked about what we needed to do to stay on the right track. We held a sit-in to prevent failure.

Jagoba commented that he was wondering how his farewell would be. She doesn’t want to end this idyllic relationship badly. Did you think?

Yes, I don’t want to go wrong. I focus on having fun, one day things will go wrong for us too. Then they either fire us or we have to go. But no one will get away from us by sweeping the Second Division, enjoying the First Division, winning the Camp Nou. Draw twice at the Bernabéu to see people having fun at El Sadar.

Did you learn to have more fun in Osasuna? He was more angry at first.

Yes, I am very confident in making decisions even if some of them go wrong. I feel identified with the club, the people I work with and the fans. I have the residue of what Jagoba thinks so I can talk about it if it goes wrong. I will be honest. Cata or Bittor are very cowardly and I told them we can’t beat them with this team. I say how I think. Best squad in 6 years and we shouldn’t fall. It’s not narcissism, it’s objective. Can we go down? One day, he may experience wrong decisions, arbitrations, injuries… But we have arguments to think it won’t happen.

You will notice this beautiful moment when it comes to conquering players.

Football players come here, they get to know El Sadar and its environs closely, and the step we have taken at the football level.

Do you have to be lighter?

Yeah yeah. But my strategy is to not let them think. We should not delay anything if we are convinced. We cannot bid. I meet with Moi, but Jagoba talks to him at eleven o’clock and signs him the next day. We cannot delay this. let’s go hand in hand When there’s a clear goal, we go for it.

Do you have a lot of work ahead of you?

(laughs). You have to work with time… I repeat, Osasuna cannot go out to tender.

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