'The Man in Search of Meaning' by Jordi Basté

‘The Man in Search of Meaning’ by Jordi Basté

I have a shelf where I keep the books that I have never dropped. They’re there for fear of my coming back or being tainted, motionless, until at some point in life something makes me get them out of there. Not a graveyard of forgotten books where Daniel Sempere discovered a life-changing text, thousands of readers, and Carlos Ruiz Zafón. This is a shelf at the bottom of my bookshelf with books that are forbidden to leave my house for various and unacceptable reasons. These are the books that you caress the cover with your hand when you remove them and know that they will be parked again.

One of those books was given to me by Luis Enrique while I was playing for Barça. I went yesterday and bought it. Man’s Search for Meaning, by Victor E. Frankl. The cover in the Herder edition mixes yellow, gray and red with uncomfortable male faces. In its pages you read the shocking autobiographical account of a psychologist in the Auschwitz concentration camp. There are books that do not let you go to bed in the panic of not being able to wake up the next morning, and where with your death you send all the characters to destruction.

Luis Enrique is responsible for keeping this book on the non-borrowing bookshelf. Just as dogs resemble their masters (or vice versa), there are also books that resemble their faithful. I don’t understand Man looking for meaning without knowing that Luis Enrique handed it over to me. Like Frankl, Luis Enrique could be a dead man today because of the terrible and unbearable circumstances he had to go through. In the book, the author says that nothing that helps to survive even in the worst scenarios, such as realizing that life has meaning, death, does not help to survive. And in this understanding of life, Lucho has become dumber, more nervous and more demanding because excess never hurts.

Luis Enrique celebrates Spain’s resounding victory over Costa Rica

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With a face that constantly wants to spit on others, Luis Enrique is immersed in the various traumas of leaving Madrid and signing for Barça. The betrayal is unforgivable and Luis Enrique continues there as Doctor House without limping, making more sense than the many madmen surrounding him around Qatar. The 7-0 loss to Costa Rica refuted many histories of an expected death, rekindled the hopes of those who looked like beautiful footballers of bygone years, Vicente Del Bosque of South Africa, and as we usually talk about football, the mood is Valdemoro from Pinto. went to And it is at this psychological point that we must not forget the lesson we learned yesterday from the memorable and already historical article by Mariano Rajoy (Viktor Frankl of Pontevedra), who came to say that Pinto is Pinto and Valdemoro is Valdemoro.

Luis Enrique, who could become a pennant to challenge a certain press, unbridledly correcting the Spanish King’s triumphant speech in the locker room, began his World Cup challenge in search of the meaning of his own life. The man who seems to have a heart of ice shakes the shaker as he awaits the match against Germany. A game that will fill Spain with those who want to win despite Luis Enrique, suffer needlessly and are more masochistic than heroic, as Frankl wrote.

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