Luis Enrique's squad

Luis Enrique’s squad

fausto police He was the first cyclist to win the Giro and Tour in the same year, 1949. He was imprisoned in a concentration camp in Burkina Faso, where he participated in a race, was sentenced to prison for a love crime, and died after contracting malaria at an early age. He won the Tour de France twice and added five pink jerseys to the Giro d’Italia. Mondadori bookstores always have a biography. Copper Among the most read books, he is a fascinating character with his life but mostly his career. A Luis Enrique She loves Coppi. He was an excellent cyclist.

Luis Enrique turned the team into the perfect peloton for a leader looking to win the most important stage race: world. In this group, there are not only players with different profiles, the squad is also made up of a technical team that responds to a common dominant: they all come together.

in his image

It has formed a solidarity group that is selective, dedicated, educated in effort and not imposed, following the elected leader. Self demand Luis Enrique It’s so high that it doesn’t make anyone want to let it down. so before Costa Rica In the over 90 minutes of the game, the intensity, the pressure, the placement and the idea of ​​the game were the same.

Play the choice while exercising. Every session at Qatar University is confirmation that this group never disappoints. Luis Enriquecan be passed on the field of play, but not on effort. ansu fati is an example. How did the Barça striker come to this situation? world Orphan of quality minutes at Barça XaviHe’s doing double-training, looking for that speed point that makes him feel like an airplane. What Nico Williams Y AquariusTwo people who have been friends since they were 21, laugh at everything and fly away when they jump on the train. They literally fly. daniel olmo Y unai they play chess for hours and there are many board moves in this selection. la porta He’s the ‘tik tok’ wonder, the genius and the complement to any sauce.

gavi is the shadow of the joker Pedro, clever, salty, a very positive way of having fun. The group is so healthy that it protects Gavi in ​​every aspect, both in and out of the game. His football maturity was incredible, now he needs to progress in his personal maturity. He’s very nice people, he’s always been a good boy. This is a constant in this group. profile of those called by Luis Enrique They are not only excellent football players who are perfectly suited to what the coach wants to play, but also non-hypocritical guys.

This is the first time Luis Enrique is coaching a group so similar to the ideal of coaching. He could choose. This is difficult when you are a club manager. Asturian not only values ​​the quality of the football player, possession, pressure, instant recovery, unhurried verticality, to adapt to the total football of the team where the definition is understood, but also created a team of unbiased players. . There is no snobbery or bad habits in the election.

Sergio Busquets He is the leader of the team not only on the field, but also in the locker room. Busi’s pre-game speeches have a lot to do with his personality. Busi always remains calm. Observe and take action when necessary. Barça’s youth ask him for advice. for all. And on the pitch Busquets from South Africa, from Barça protector anyone Luis Enriquebeing able to command in a way that only the apprentice knows how. follows it Jordi Alba. like in 2-0 Spain in view Costa Ricawhen the fullback asked them to give the ball to him and he opened it for Alba to pass Asensio until Busi got the ball.

Nutrition habits

Luis Enrique A change in the living habits of the group was included in this work cycle. With the nutritionist of Athletic Club Toscana Viar, food is vital in the daily life of the team. Showing off his bare torso has become a recurring image and Luis Enrique doesn’t have an exhibitionist tone, but rather a need to load up with the vitamin D the sun provides and send a message: you can exceed fifty by staying healthy and strong. Intermittent diet, supplementation, low carbs and sugars, healthy fats, superfoods. There’s nothing to learn about healthy habits like spending a week with Luis Enrique. And where the coach moves the most is the emotional balance of the group, starting with himself. Joaquín Valdés is always by his side. Even if you have incorporated meditation into your life to regulate emotions, you still need tools to deal with situations.

The roster is so flat that any of the 26 players could enter the match unnoticed. Another feature of this team is that they definitely have eleven on the bench that can face any team. more normal than usual Luis Enrique He looks so happy that he can form a group with his own image and likeness for the first time. The squad is ready. follow Fausto ‘Luis Enrique’ CoppiThe champion who believes there is no limit

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